Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Tagged by Sophie Jade of Sweet Dreams Till Sunbeams Find Me.

5 Things found in my purse:
-tangerine lip balm
-my keys (still on the rainbow butterfly key chain I thrifted back in high school… I don’t like change)
-a pair of f21 floral print sunglasses from a couple years ago
-my cell phone with a picture of Clover as a newborn on the screen (she’ll be 8 months in a few days, I should really update that)
-way WAY too many thrift store receipts

5 Things found in my bag:
-digital camera
-fashion magazines (I’m horribly addicted and have been since about age 12)
-knit hat when it’s cold or sun hat when it’s warm
-scarf (I get cold easily)
-baby paraphernalia (keep in mind my bag is often a diaper bag)

5 Favorite Things in my room:
-string of hand made paper lantern lights made by a family friend
-memory foam mattress (Remember those commercials with the wine glass on the bed and the jumping? That's no joke, and Lucas is the world’s lightest sleeper and the world’s grumpiest woken up person.)
-painting by a friend (given to us as a wedding gift)
-The Swing (It’s a big plastic hideous thing that plays awful music, but when Clover won’t sleep, it is a magical slumber inducing contraption that I can’t imagine life without.)
-my slippers (Because I love a good cowgirl pajama party (?) and they are SO comfy cozy. Lucas’s mom gave them to me for my b-day this year. They are the best slippers ever, and I practically live in them around the house.)

5 Things I've always wanted to do:
-own my own shop filled with awesome brick-a-brac
-have a pet corgi (those proportions… they’re just so all wrong, in such an adorable way)
-travel through Europe by train
-see the aurora borealis
-learn to ride vert on a skateboard (I kid you not, I was a skater chick back in high school)

5 Things I'm currently into:
-vintage and vintage inspired photography on flickr
-unexpected color combinations that totally work, like purple tights with red floral dresses (I present to you exhibit A and exhibit B… I rest my case.)

-child proofing my home (Clover recently started crawling, pulling herself up on furniture, and finding things like electrical outlets fascinating... yikes!)
-grannies and their shoes (but more on that in a later post)
-pomegranate flavored things (yogurt, soda, and best of all hagan daaz dark chocolate covered pomegranate ice cream bars…yum!)

And 5 Impressions on Sweet Dreams Till Sunbeams Find Me (who tagged me):
-she has incredible taste in women (the lovely ladies she features as inspiration are all girl crush worthy)
-she has a deep appreciation for romantic beauty
-the overall aesthetic of her blog is stunning and jam packed with inspirational eye candy
-she spends lots of time creating outfits on Polyvore and from what I can seen it appears to be time well spent
-her taste is exquisite (she has a wonderful eye and a true knack for combining beautiful images in a “the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts” sort of way)

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Tagged to play the 6 quirks game by the ever charming The Girl Who Married A Bear.
The rules of the game are to link the person who tagged you, to tag 6 other bloggers and let them know where the rules are found, and then to post 6 of your quirks.

Quirk 1: While I love berries and peaches, I hate almost all fruit. There are some, like apples and citrus, that I am ambivalent toward but for the most part I am anti-fruit, especially if it is of the melon or tropical variety.

Quirk 2: I love and consume sweets more than anyone I know. Not so much candy, but chocolate and baked goods (usually involving chocolate). Ice cream and pudding are good too. I pretty much eat such things daily and would probably be morbidly obese if I did not have the metabolism of say… a hummingbird and the superhuman ability to eat an entire cake or a whole box of doughnuts without gaining any weight (for clarification: I have not actually done this, but I’ve probably come darn close a time or two.) On second thought, this might be more of a gift than a quirk.

Quirk 3: I am an extremely quiet person, as in if you were to look up “Chatty Cathy” in the dictionary, you would most certainly not find a picture of me. However, when I write rather than speak, I have a tendency to ramble on and on about things and don’t seem to be at any sort of loss for words. This puzzles me about myself.

Quirk 4: So, I was having trouble coming up with quirks and I asked my husband for help. His only response was “You drool a lot when you sleep.” Wow Lucas, thanks for your incite, although he’s right, I do… but “Really, is that all you’ve got?” To which he replied, “You’re mild mannered Missa, you don’t have any quirks.” So maybe that’s a quirk. I am usually decidedly low key and unquirky, which makes the following behaviors even more odd:

Quirk 5: I have an alter ego who rarely makes public appearances but she’s loads of fun when she does. She has been given such names as “Crazy Mary” and “Mexico Missa”. Her appearances often involve alcoholic beverages, hip hop, and a dance floor and needless to say she’s a hit at parties.

Quirk 6: I have a wicked competitive streak when it comes to games. I once assaulted Lucas with a scrabble board. Lettered tiles went flying, it wasn’t pretty. I have also been known to cheat at pub trivia, not something I’m proud of just so you know ; )

The Girl Who Married A Bear
Pop Elegantarium

A Cat of Impossible Colour
Vintage Vienna
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a cat of impossible colour said...

Ooh, I love these things :) Thanks for the tag!

Alexa said...

Thanks for the tag! I love that all your husband could come up with was that you drool in your sleep ;)

Anonymous said...

he he!
tag away, sista! i'm workin' on it now :)

princessmillatwoshoes said...

Ha-haa, mexico Missa sounds awesome, but I'm pretty sure I like the mild-mannered Missa the most. Plus I'm so totally sure you have tons of crazy quirks, that you just take for perfect normalcy. Like dude, only in your last post did you unapologetically covet a stapler!
Now THAT weird. All though it's a pretty hot stapler.
thanks for the tag I'll do it soon

Karima said...

oh wow, i just read your comments on my blog. thank you - also for tagging me! that was so much fun!
keep up the good thrifting!

Missa said...

Awesome ladies! I can't wait to read them all!