Saturday, May 24, 2008

100% Thrifted Pick of the Week (5.24.08)

This week's inspiration from the 100% Thrifted flickr group is all about creative layering. I'm a total sucker for a great layered look and when the layers work together beautifully in an unexpected way, even better! Such is the case with this week's picks:

originally uploaded by nemrešpobjećodnedjelje.

originally uploaded by Erin Liz.

Interestingly, both of these innovative looks involve the layering of a sheer white tie-neck blouse above a bold pattern followed by solid black, and while the outcomes are quite different, the effect in both cases is sheer brilliance!

Nemrešpobjećodnedjelje has one of the most consistently creative and original styles I've ever seen. I always look forward to seeing her outfit posts. Here I'm not sure if that's a dress or a skirt-as-dress over a black tank (either way it's great), but I love how the sheerness at the top of the blouse reveals a bit of the colorful print seen below, and the gauziness of those sleeves adds such lovely texture to the outfit. Now, I may be exposing what a geek I am when it comes to outfit analysis (or over analysis) with this, but I always love it when an outfit contains great "bookends" and in this case the matching color of her hair and sandals and the relationship between the tie neck and the ankle straps accomplish this so wonderfully... simply amazing!

In the second look, Erin liz has combined three distinct pieces, that would not obviously go together, in such a seamless way that upon first glance she appears to be wearing an amazing avant-garde dress rather than a blouse, a tube top, and a skirt. I don't recall ever seeing a tube top layered over a sheer blouse like this, really quite clever, and I love the way it allows the sheerness to be experienced with no straps underneath. I adore sheer tops but there's always that issue of what to wear underneath, I never thought about putting something over it! I also love her mixing of different textures and the contrast of the bold horizontal and vertical stripes between the black and white give the outfit a really modern feel. With the puffed sleeves and the bubble skirt the overall silhouette is so lovely... absolutely gorgeous!

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princessmillatwoshoes said...

Great pic(k)s, once again! One of the things I love about flickr fashion groups is that on top of getting tons of inspiration, I get to be in awe of styles that'd never work on me, but look amazing on other people. The 'why I never!' factor is such a delight.
Also, tag you're it for 6 quirks game, rules can be found on a post called poppies at mine. BUT only if you feel like it, no obligation involved!