Saturday, May 3, 2008

100% Thrifted

I just joined the very cool flickr group 100% Thrifted. The little white dress was my first post. This wonderful group, started by joulesstar (the vintage maven you may also remember as the lucky luggage thrifter from this post) is a place for people to post pictures of themselves in totally thrifted outfits.

Since starting this blog, other than the occasional item from Target, I’ve been thrifting most of my clothing. Having been so inspired by all the awesome thrifters on wardrobe_remix and the many style blogs that I frequent, I haven’t even felt the urge to go to the retail stores. When it comes to fashion and style, I love the elements of uniqueness and creativity that thrifting has to offer. Saving money is another motivation and of course there are also the important eco-concious reasons for thrifting as opposed to buying new.

100% Thrifted is such a great source of inspiration. I love seeing how all the stylish members put together their outfits and it especially makes me smile when I see someone do something unexpected that really works. These are some of the recent posts (in order of most recent) that I especially love:

I'm thinking it would be fun to start doing a 100% Thrifted Pick of the Week where I'll post the thrifted look that I find most inspiring from each week along with what I love about it :)


princessmillatwoshoes said...

Wow! Thank you Missa. It's an honor to be hand-picked by the Lady of the amazing thriftyness! And in such marvelous company too!

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Those are great outfits, but your little white dress is fabbulous!

anja louise said...

I think the 100% thrifted community is awesome too! My entire wardrobe right now is thrifted so I should be posting often... thanks for including me!

greta*grenada said...

Thanks for including me - with such lovely company! And the little white dress is a real charmer!

Missa said...

the queen of fifty cents: Thankyou very much.

the rest of you: Thank YOU for being such inspirational thrifters and incredibly stylish ladies!

greta*grenada said...

o, missa, to clarify: i meant YOUR little white dress that you linked to above is a charmer! i just noticed there is another very charming little white dress here..!