Saturday, May 31, 2008

100% Thrifted Pick of the Week (5.31.08)

originally uploaded by vasiliisa.

While some people may shy away from bold patterns and color, Vasiliisa is definitely not one of these people, and thank goodness for that. Quite to the contrary, she embraces them and is fearless when it comes to using pattern and color to create striking mixes. I mentioned in my tag post how I’m currently into “unexpected color combinations that work”. Well look no further than Vasiliisa’s flickr photostream for endless examples of such combinations put together in the most creative and beautiful of ways.

This gorgeous mix of red and green with just enough navy thrown in to keep it from appearing even the least bit Christmas-y is no exception. First of all, how amazing is that bird print top?! Hard to tell from the pic but it is a sheer silk knit and I just love how she carried the sheer texture throughout the outfit, even down to those adorable socks! Something about the relationship between the zig-zaggy bird pattern and the pleats in the skirt is very pleasing to me as well. Matching the socks and sandals to the colors in the top was brilliant and makes that green skirt pop in such a wonderful way! It’s as if the outfit was so lovely that all of the birds in the forest flew down from the trees to be a part of it ;) … well done!


the freelancer's fashionblog said...

I really like that outfit too. And I love it that the photo is taken among trees, it brings out the green colour of the skirt so well!

WendyB said...

She has wonderful taste.