Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Flight of the Pink Elephant

I saw him standin' there by the record machine...

I wore this to see Joan Jett Friday night. A few weeks ago I mentioned finding this little white eyelet tunic at a nearby garage sale for $1. I think everything else you’ve seen before, except maybe the black woven leather bag. It’s got a leather fringe tassle zipper pull, which I love. I thrifted it quite awhile ago but I don’t remember having included it in any outfit posts. Anyway, just a sweet little white dress toughened up for some rockin’ out ;)

So, we got to the fair with a little time before the concert. Clover being pretty excited about going on some rides, we headed straight for the kiddie section. I was glad I dressed for comfort, as I ended up having to accompany her on the rides, which involved me first squeezing myself into them, haha. She had a blast though, making any discomfort on my part well worth it :)

Alrighty folks, the verdict is in… at 52 years of age and having just traveled from Dublin, Ireland where she played a show the night before, Joan Jett can still rock the @#$% out! No JETT lag here people, harhar. She sounded awesome and her black lycra bodysuit made it quite clear that she's still rockin' a tight little bod to boot.

They kicked the show off with the early 80’s hit Bad Reputation followed by The Runaways’ Cherry Bomb… “Hello daddy, hello mom, I’m your ch.. ch.. ch.. ch.. ch.. ch.. ch.. ch… cherry bomb!” Yup, walked around with that stuck in my head all weekend.

There were a handful of songs from more recent albums that I wasn't so into, but they mostly stuck to the beloved hits of the 80’s and with the recent release of this film, there were plenty of Runaways songs too, including this one that I took video of when I made my way up toward the front for a few songs…

Haha, that was not me yelling, just so you know. Sorry about the sound quality, it got a bit loud for my little camera.

Aside from my brief foray to the crowded front, we hung out towards the back with our friends Ben and Julia. The nearly full moon overhead was pretty incredible. Clover even made some little friends to run around and rock out with, oh my gosh you guys, at one point she started nodding her head and shaking her little fist to the beat… I tell ya, my heart just about melted!

The highlight of the show though was definitely when they played I Love Rock ‘n Roll which sent the crowd into a tizzy, followed immediately by Crimson and Clover or “The Clover Song” as my little rocker calls it :D

25 cents

We ended our evening with a stroll through the carnival area before there was no denying that a certain little party girl was up way past her bedtime.

Um, did I mention how amazing the moon was?! Yeah, overall a pretty fun night :D

Friday, June 25, 2010

Put Another Dime In the Jukebox, Baby...

Legendary Rock icon and all-around badass babe Joan Jett and her Blackhearts are playin' free with admission tonight at the Sonoma-Marin Fair...

I Love Rock 'n Roll

...Imma be lovin' me some rock 'n roll.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun

Sun Day

Sunday evening we enjoyed a walk downtown for a yummy sushi dinner to celebrate Father‘s Day. Clover discovered her deep love for California rolls and Lucas and I enjoyed some of the best maguro (tuna) I‘ve ever tasted.

There was still enough light when we arrived home to take some outfit shots (yay Solstice!) so I did. Just a lazy hot summer day sort of outfit… a breezy little dress I thrifted a couple of years ago and the sandals which don’t leave my feet much these days (I know, this is like 5 outfits in a row now, right? oops.) It finally got cool enough to throw on the cardigan during our walk home.

The outfit photos were actually more of an afterthought though, something to accompany the snapshots I ended up taking when we stopped by my mother-in-law’s house before dinner. Lucas sat under the massive shade tree that towers over her lovely garden and chatted over a beer with his mom and her fiancĂ©, while Clover wandered about like a mischievous little elf child, and I roamed around beer in one hand, camera in the other…

That robin’s nest is in a grape arbor that you walk directly under as you enter their garden. We were updated as to the goings on of this little nest throughout Spring, from the mama sitting on her three delicate blue eggs, to witnessing the babies being fed in the nest ourselves just a few weeks ago, to the three babies having successfully fledged a week later, and now stories of how the five of them (mama, papa, and the little ones) spend time foraging together as a family in the garden each day. (See Heather, sometimes it all works out ;)

A home strewn with bits of nature (tiny hummingbird nest!), lovingly collected and displayed, handmade goods, woven textiles and baskets, bookshelves filled with stories, folklore, wisdom, and poetry, and a cheerful infusion of color throughout… it’s pretty much impossible to leave this place without feeling inspired :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

To Lucas on Father's Day

Happy Papa's Day!

My sister took this photo of Lucas holding his brand new baby girl the morning of her birth. He had been up all night, it was an all natural, non-hospital birth, an intense experience for us both, ok, more-so for me, but he was there with me and for me every step of the way. The photo was taken within the first few hours of her life, their first moments together as father and daughter. I love the obvious tenderness in his expression.

Clover is so lucky to have such a wonderful papa, and I’m lucky too…

Happy Papa’s Day sweetie, you’re the best! …and we love you.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Harmony in Lilac

Lady in Lilac

A Little Lilac on the Prairie

When I picked up the floral prairie skirt (worn on my meetup with Anne) at the Salvation Army last Friday, I also found a second perfect vintage prairie piece. This little lilac dress captured my heart with its puffed sleeves, eyelet trim, and the best part… secret side pockets lined with lilac calico fabric!

Originally the dress was about mid-calf length with another ruffle layer at the bottom made of fabric with the same print only the colors were reversed. The combination of the two fabrics was cute, but I’m happy with the shorter length (it was too voluminous before) and the eyelet trim made it easy to cut the bottom layer off without having to worry about the hemline.

I wore this to the Harmony Festival last Saturday with a group of friends. The day was SUNNY and HOT so I was pretty stoked to look in my closet and realize I had the perfect lilac sunhat to go with my new dress! In fact, I wore this very hat to last year’s Harmony Festival... so, I think I’m going to start naming all my hats now, this one will of course be my Harmony hat :)

I'll leave you with a handful of enchanted moments captured during our shiny happy day…

sunshine and smoothies


of Joy


A magical weekend to all!

Especially the papas :)