Sunday, May 11, 2008

100% Thrifted Pick of the Week (5.11.08)

My original idea for this was to pick the one look from the week’s 100% Thrifted pool that I found the most inspiring. Well, this week it came down to two girls and in the end it was like comparing apples to oranges (equally inspiring, each in their own way) so you’re getting them both, and it just so happens that each of them posted not one amazing look but two! Here they are:

Sunshineupton is a master of storybook sweet! Whether it be classic schoolgirl (above) or Holly Hobby inspired flower child (below), she is always a vision of charm and cuteness. I’m constantly being inspired by the lovely details she adds to her outfits from the ribbons and flowers in her hair to her perfectly coordinated cups o’ coffee. That single white feather worn as a necklace is an all time favorite! In the first outfit, I love how the red shoes pop against the black, white, and gray, while in the second outfit with the perfect peek-a-boo petticoat, no shoes at all seems exactly right! Pure style confection!

Black Luna, now this girl is a freaking rock star! Not to mention a thrifting force to be reckoned with… can you believe those buckles-for-days heels in the second shot were thrifted?! Not in a million years could I pull off either of these beautifully bold looks, but hells if I can’t appreciate someone who can! The fact that she is wearing sandals and an oversized tee shirt and looking like something out of Italian Vogue… blows. my. mind! I find her creativity and fashion forwardness totally refreshing and that little floral dress is super cute! Bravo, nicely done!

These lovely ladies illustrate perfectly the range of awesomeness that is out there to be thrifted, and that it’s possible to create gorgeous, stylish 100% thrifted looks no matter what your style! While they are extremely different, I did notice something in common. They are both rocking the super long necklaces which I am totally a fan of right now. Thanks for inspiring me girls, keep the awesome outfits coming!


princessmillatwoshoes said...

blushing over're too sweet Missa. That's it! I'm having my mom send the adoption papers over so that we can live in adjoining gingerbread houses! (And a little gingerbread tree-house in a gingerbread tree for Clover, obviously.)

Missa said...

That sounds lovely Milla, unfortunately due to my raging sweet tooth, I fear our houses would not last long! ;)