Saturday, November 28, 2009

Green Jacket, Gold Leaves

What I wore on Thanksgiving, and some fall color as evidenced in my backyard. I found this little 60’s vintage jacket the day before at Goodwill for $6.99 (along with another vintage blazer that I’m pretty excited about, jack(et)pot!). Both have really wonderful shrunken fits.

I was drawn to this one for it’s mix of tough and sweet elements. I love the rugged army green fabric combined with the covered buttons and peter pan collar. Also, the shape of it and how it just buttons at the top allowing what ever is underneath to peak through, great for layering.

Green and Gold

The gingham tunic is from Target by way of my friend Angelina’s yard sale over the summer. I wear it SO MUCH. The combination of the big hair bow (flea market find, attached with a bobby pin) and combat boots (courtesy of Millakins!) to finish things off was inspired by the jacket’s tough/sweet quality, a mix I really like.

We spent Thanksgiving at my mom’s house, having lots of fun and eating plenty of insanely yummy food with her and my sisters, their significant others, and Clover’s cousins. We also got to welcome a tiny new member into the family!

Meeting my 3-week-old nephew Austin for the first time. What a little bundle of sweetness.

The husbands… you gotta love a man who can cook. Truth be told, two of them were faking it for the camera. On a side note: Lucas’ vintage western snap-up shirt was scored from the Magical Dump!

Hey guys… can I be the giraffe?


Monday, November 23, 2009

Park Pics

Feeling like a change from the usual backdrops in my yard, I got my lovely sister Val (armed with her way-nicer-than-mine camera) to join me (in a recent dress find) for an afternoon of playtime and photo-ops at the park with our little ones.

Carousel of Light

After putting in some playground time, we made our way up to the closed-for-the-season carousel for some pics. Me being a big sucker for a good sun flare, I liked the way the sunlight was streaming over the top of the carousel.

I found the vintage denim chambray dress at the Hospice Thrift for six dollars. I love the mix of lace and delicate crochet in the detailing. The quilted fabric and denim bag was a free score found on one of my visits to the magical dump with Milla.

Yup, still wearin’ the boots. Off to the lake to visit the ducks…

Among the Rocks

Quack quack…

I liked the denim on denim pairing of the bag with the dress and was particularly pleased with how well the colors in the fabric print matched the dress detailing. Enlarging the above picture gives a better view of both the detailing and the matching colors : )

White Goose

Then it was back down to the playground for some sand time before heading home…

I should probably add that, while cute they may be, these three in tow does not for an easy “photo shoot” make… thanks Val for sticking it out with me!

Oink oink…

Monday, November 16, 2009

On The Street

My friend Erin was spotted last week by Work It, Berk, a UC Berkeley based street style blog. She looks fabulous (as usual!) and I love that her picture was posted under the heading: The Girl Who Knew How to Thrift Shop : )

Also, thanks to Erin for mentioning Thrift Candy and Brittany of Work It, Berk for linking to me in her post! Here’s a couple of other looks that I loved from the site:

She’s got an eye for fantastic footwear!

Hey, while I’m on the topic…

Here are some other amazing looks plucked from various street style blogs and deposited directly into my inspiration files, enjoy!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Keepin' it cozy.

… the cozy feeling I get wearing these moccasins I picked up at Red Light Vintage for 9 bucks when we were in Portland. The sheepskin lining makes wearing them feel like walking around in slippers all day, which is something I can absolutely get behind, especially on these chilly Fall mornings.

...flipping through the Toast winter 2009 catalog for cool weather sartorial inspirations (thanks to Diana for reminding me to get my free copy!). Also, the short film they made during the catalog shoot is the best kind of dreamy.

Watching this delightful film. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character is beyond hilarious.

Aaaand, last but certainly not least…

Watching this little person learn how to weigh her options,

… make decisions,

… follow through on those decisions,

… and take pride in her actions.

Actually, I just enjoy watching her get annoyed with me as I take too many pictures of her ;)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Life, Death, and the Pursuit of Leggins*

leggins love

Crazy 80’s leggings… one of those items I always keep in the back of my mind to search out when thrifting but never come across. I was so pleased when I stumbled upon these last week for a dollar! The print is gray and white and the design reminds me of something between zebra stripes and wood grain or tree bark. Straight from the 80’s, high waist and all, fit for Jazzercize, yet the best part is that they really aren’t even all that crazy, making them still totally wearable : )


I wore them on Sunday with one of my favorite white dresses (picked up a few years ago at a little boutique in Mexico while on vacation). Yes, those are indeed my prized new boots, we’re still in our honeymoon phase and have been spending lots of time together.

The gray and white design on the leggins inspired the addition of my marimekko scarf, a gift from Milla back in the early days when her packages were still arriving all the way from Finland! The tiny heart chain necklace was a gift too, from my mom some years ago.

I added a black cardigan that evening when we went to our friends’ house for a little Dia de Los Muertos celebration/backyard BBQ around their outdoor fireplace.

It was a perfect evening to be enjoying yummy food outside around the fire… not too chilly with a gorgeous full moon overhead.

Our friend Laura Jane decorated with candles and handmade paper decorations, and set up an alter in honor of her recently departed grandfather where others could place photos of there own loved ones who have passed on as well…

I brought a picture of my dad back when he was in his early twenties holding me up as a baby. He passed away almost seven years ago. Miss you Dad, love you <3

Coincidentally, as I was typing this I received a phone call from my mom to inform me that my sister Shayna just gave birth... to the first grandson! His middle name is Marc, after my dad : ) Congrats Shayna and Steve, can’t wait to see the little fella!

* Oh man, did I really just title this post that?