Thursday, May 29, 2008


Took some pics of the current Sacks window displays the other day. This time it's Beach Chic with a 60's Tiki vibe. I love all the old swim caps and the cute little straw bags.

Totally diggin' this bathing suit. It's such a cool print and I love both the shape and the colors. When I took these shots I was carrying Clover on me in a sling, and if you look closely in the reflection, it looks like she's in the mannequin's bag :) hehe.

And there I am in the skirt!

I finally asked someone and got some info about the window displays too. It turns out the guy who does them used to dress windows for I. Magnin in San Francisco and now does freelance work. Sacks hires him to do their windows every 5 to 6 weeks. He works with what they have on hand from donations and makes the accompanying props himself. Sounds like such a fun job!

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