Friday, February 17, 2012

Forty Trips Around the Sun


Birthday Attire :)

Shirt: thrifted
Dress: thrifted
Cardi: old f21
Tights: target
Moccs: Violet Folklore








My actual birthday was pretty mellow. Brunch with two of my sisters-in-law, a jaunt out to the coast with Lucas and Clover in hopes of whale watching off Bodega Head (no whales, but plenty of sunshine, huge crashing waves below, and a little grove of cypress trees to climb around in), then out for a nice dinner with my sweetie that night. Little did I know that was all just the calm before the storm, the perfect storm of perfect birthdays that is!

Perhaps you've already heard, but my 40th birthday turned out to be the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER and FULL OF SURPRISES! Once I get a chance to go through my pics (of which there are MANY), I'll tell you about it. Hopefully, you won't be too sick of hearing about it by then ;)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012









houseplant inspiration







So into houseplants right now...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An Outfit and a Haircut

Patterns and Blues

Big news around here: I finally got that looong overdue haircut I'd been needing. The ends of my mermaid hair were in pretty sad shape.

back view

I haven't been taking pictures lately, which is probably why it's been so quiet over here. Though I did bust out the camera to document my newly trimmed hair.

This smooth, straight, and shiny business is not its natural state and my natural state rarely involves a willingness to put forth the effort required to recreate the look. It looks like this approximately once every six months to a year. Just after I get it cut.

blues and oranges

This awesome 70's sweater was a gift from Brigit (pssst, today's her birthday!) when we did our swap last year and I really love it so it's about time I worked it in to an outfit post. It's one of those items that I get complimented on pretty much every time I wear it out.

This was the first time I'd thought to pair it with my beaded necklace of jingly amazingness from Nicole. I think they make quite the pair.


I picked up this blue rayon top with floral cutout detailing on a recent thrift outing. I've been thrifting a lot lately trying to gather goodies for several packages I've got in the works.

New Hair, New Top

Gosh, I hope you guys aren't getting sick of these boots yet, because clearly I'm not, haha, they're still my favorites :)

Later that evening I wore this to a super fun clothing swap with a bunch of lovely vintage loving ladies. I wish I had taken pics! I was able to find new homes for lots of clothing items of mine and took home some lovely pieces as well. I'll try to get better about the picture taking folks!

Happy Birthdays to all my lovely Aquarian sisters, there are lots of them going around right now! Mine's coming up in exactly one week and it's a biggie. I'll be wishing my 30's a very fond farewell, yikes!!!