Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Flea Market

The flea market that happens a few blocks from my house started up again on Sunday. It goes on every first Sunday of the month through the Fall. I love having one that I can just walk down the street to. A lot of the sellers deal in "antiques" and charge crazy amounts of money but there are usually good deals to be had as well, and always lots of fun stuff to browse through.

These two little Asian kids dressed up in their cowboy gear were just ridiculously cute. You can't really see it in the pic, but the boy was carrying around a little cowboy themed lunch box... super Aaawwww, right?! But don't worry, I didn't come home empty handed (that would be so unlike me). I scored some lovely vintage loot and I'll try to get some pics up very soon, stay tuned!


Alexa said...

That loot looks fantastic - especially the figurine in the blue dress. And those kids in the cowboy gear - too cute!!

princessmillatwoshoes said...

Looks like such fun! And you're right, those kids are super cute!
By the by, I'll email you soon, I've been sick and can't quite thread a paragraph together.
Have a great day

sophiejade said...

i am tagging you for a meme if you are interested the details are on my blog :)

Missa said...

alexa: yeah, I was quite taken with the little lady in the blue dress myself. She's a chalkware figurine and that vendor had a bunch of really cool ones that looked like they were probably from the 20's or 30's. Apparently, these kinds of statues were given out as carnival prizes back in the days before cheesy mirrors and stuffed animals took over.

miss twoshoes: Hope you're feeling better! No hurries on the email! :)

sophiejade: Thanks for the link and the tag! This is my first tag as well, I'll try to get to it soon.