Monday, September 26, 2011

Regatta Mama


Clover and I dressed up all old timey for Sunday's big event, The Handcar Regatta. There's been so much going on around here lately that I've had to check out of blogland completely. Dang, just when I was getting back into the swing of things too!

Last weekend was non-stop, bachelorette sleepover party at a house on the river, my neices' birthday party (3 and 6 years old) followed by our friend's 40th birthday party, and then the Regatta. Next weekend is shaping up to be just as crazy busy, with more birthdays (including Clover's!) AND the wedding of some dear friends.

I just wanted to pop in and quickly share some images snapped while wandering around during all of the hullabaloo yesterday. People really stepped it up with the costumes this year!





We spent a good portion of the day hanging out by the Whiskeydrome watching our Whiskeydrunk Cycles friends get soaked in their latest contraption, the WhiskeyDunk Dunk-A-Drunk dunk tank. Highly entertaining!







Yup, that's my girl.



She's quite a handful ;)

We're having fun, but I tell ya, now that Fall has officially begun, I'm definitely feeling ready to slow down and mellow out. I miss connecting with all my beautiful blogstresses and I'm looking forward to having time to catch up! In the meantime, I hope all is well with everyone and I'll "see" ya in another week or so :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Moonrise Sunset


Well, here I am again… back with another outfit post. Already?? I know. I’m not sure what’s come over me. I can barely keep up with myself! I suppose we should just go with it though ;)


I received this wonderful little bundle awhile back from my longtime reader and lovely bloggy friend, Alexa of Pop Elegantarium. As you can see, it was a bundle too pretty to open without taking a picture first.


Tucked inside, among an assortment of thoughtful goodies for both Clover and myself, I found this little quilted vest! I must say Alexa, I quite adore it.

Outfit and Trumpet Vine

I’ve been really drawn to this shade of blue lately too. It’s hard to see in the pictures, but the skirt, a gift from Heather last spring, has tiny blue and white vertical stripes and buttons up the front.

flower vest

I think the skirt has found a friend in this sweet little vest :)


I’d heard about an art opening that sounded interesting, and on Friday evening, convinced my little family to join me on a wee adventure to go check it out. The adventure took us up toward the hills not far from where we live. The rising moon looked pretty spectacular.


The opening was held in a little gallery at Sonoma Academy, the fancy new prep school that we see up on the hill when we take the back route to Trader Joe’s. It was kind of fun to go up there and explore for the first time. Clover got a kick out of the odd art installations scattered about the campus. This giant asparagus for example.



The artist was Laine Justice and her paintings “worldscapes in oil” did not disappoint. Each canvas containing a magical realm, otherworldly and fantastical, strange and beautiful. I was really taken with her work when I checked out her website, so it was a treat to view it up close in all its intricate detail.


That’s the artist herself in the cute little dress and boots ensemble, discussing images from her story book collaboration with Rusty Klassen. The images along with this beautifully lyrical excerpt off her website leave me very intrigued:

"Bunny feels it. Warmth and stillness, quiet and clutter, objects avalanche upon one another. It would be litter, the room where she stands, if it weren't for the order Pine somehow commands. This space inhales wonder, exhales the fantastic. Stardust fills jars, mache mobiles meander galactic roulette. Miniature shoes, pigs and ponies, shelved with dolls, books and stones. Elephant whiskers, mendicant oils, portraits on pinheads, rare earths and soils. Pine floats across a lake of fine carpets plumping quill down atop a plush settle. Beside him lie templates of galaxies yet to be formed, sere tintypes, and lithographs, an occasional horn. Bunny's at home here. She knows this room, grew up in this space; where all things have purpose, a reason, their place."

Sounds like someplace I'd like to visit!


Speaking of inhaling wonder and exhaling the fantastic, as we headed back to the car to go home, just beyond the giant asparagus was a dazzling sunset beneath pink clouds. I’m thinking if it's clear tonight this could be the perfect spot to view the full moon rising up over the hills to the east with the sun setting over Santa Rosa to the west.

I'm hoping there might even be some mooncakes involved :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

River Babies








Yesterday at the Russian River. Clover and I spent a lovely afternoon with Angelina and Finnegan. The spot was aptly named "Mom's Beach." Still clinging to summer as best we can.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Well, halo there.

Hey, remember when I used to show y'all what I was wearin'? How 'bout a lil' outfit for ol' times sake?

vintage embroidered smock: new gift from Milla!
necklace: swap gift from Lauren
tee: clothing swap
jeans: thrifted
boots: thrifted

I recently received a package filled with loveliness from my girl Milla. This adorable smock was among the many treasures tucked inside. It felt like the perfect thing to wear berry pickin' with Clover on Labor Day :)


At the fountain downtown before our berry picking excursion. My little girl is growing up you guys. She's one of the "big kids" now at her pre-school and I was informed today that she is blossoming into quite the little ring leader. Apparently, she's got herself a pack of two-year olds following her around doing whatever she says!


The fruits of our Labor Day. Just enough blackberries for a pie, and a super yummy pie it was. We ate half for dessert tonight still warm from the oven with vanilla ice cream.

Hey, remember when I used to show y'all my thrift finds? How 'bout a few of those too? You know, for ol' times sake...


new favorite ankle boots (VNA & Hospice Thrift, $3.50)


new favorite belt (flea market, $4)


new favorite cowboy boots (flea market, $8)

I guess you could say I've been lucky with leather this summer. Perfectly worn, honey-hued leather. Those cowboy boots... simple, flat-heeled, round-toed... I have been dreaming of those very boots for YEARS!

A certain pair of vintage brown corduroy overalls should really be included among this line-up of favorites too, but we'll save those for another outfit post.


Don't I look saintly with my halo? I swear, I did not photoshop that in. Just call me Our Lady of the Thrifty Heart ;) Blessings of magical thrifting mojo to all!