Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weekend Thriftings...

I did hit up a few garage sales with Clover and Laura Jane on Saturday (National Garage Sale Day), unfortunately it was a bit disappointing. First of all, I didn't notice more garage sales than usual around town on that day. Having only just found out about it myself, I don't think this holiday has been properly promoted. I think a thrifty PR person needs to get on it ;)

I checked craigslist and found a garage sale that was all vintage clothing and jewelery, but when we went there they turned out to be dealers charging $60 for a dress. Am I really going to pay $60 for a dress? Maybe in your shop if the dress is awesome, but definitely not in your driveway. We weren't that impressed with what they had to offer anyway.

There was a "sidewalk sale" advertised that was supposed to be nearby so we went to check that out. I was imagining multiple houses up and down the block selling their goods. Needless to say, I was not expecting one dude cleaning out his bachelor pad on the corner, but that's what we got... next.

We were actually about to give up on Garage Sale day altogether and go home when we passed by one that looked like it might be promising. At least I didn't go home empty handed:

They had a bunch of books for 50 cents laid out on a tarp. I took home a cute children's book called "Nana's Garden", which I forgot to photograph, and this 1975 National Geographic Society book "The Craftsman in America." It has lots of wonderful pics of 70's folks and their handicrafts. Look at that teeny tiny woven basket on the fingertip! The one below it is absolutely gorgeous with feathers and shells woven into it. Both are Pomo baskets native to the area where I live.

They also had a plethora of old Martha Stewart mags for 25 cents each. I narrowed it down to eight favorites ranging between 1994 and 2005. I like that her aesthetic is pretty consistent and timeless in a way that doesn't make the old issues seem dated as they would with many other home and decorating magazines. They're filled with lovely and inspiring pics which I may even use for some blog posts :)

I had some better luck on Fun Friday. For those who don't know, every second and last Friday of the month, is half-off day at Salvation Army. They call it Fun Friday and I'd have to agree. These were my "fun" finds:

This vintage 80's? 90's? (I'm pretty bad at dating clothing) floral dress buttons all the way up the front and fits me really well. It's got a great pattern and so far I haven't started getting sick of florals yet. I think I was even more excited about the matching belt though. ($5)

I love these oilcloth covered seat cushions I got for a dollar a piece. They have the polka dots on one side and the floral design on the other.

Inspired by this girl, I hit the sleepwear section and found these two lovelies. The white top ($2.50) is kind of a strange shape but looks cute belted. I figured a belt would also cure the muu muu style nightgown ($4.50) of its muu muu-ness...

Luckily, I just happened to have one and I think they make a wonderful pair!
(picture links to my w_r post for outfit details)


lovePoppy said...

the night gown looks lovely on, and not at all like nightwear. Cute find (:

anja louise verdugo said...

I'm always thrilled to find outfits with matching belts, too! They get lost so often, there are too many lonely belt loops out there on vintage dresses. I like how you paired the belt with the nightgown dress!

Milla said...

I simply love the white top/dress, and obviously the turquoise mu-mu. Now, let us see the floral dress in all it's glory on you, please. The pattern is awesome. Vintage magazines are the bomb, my mom has so many from the 60s and curiously the 90s, and reading them is twice as much fun as reading new ones.
The pattern of those seat cushions is so pretty. I wish you'd do a home tour of your house sometime, I bet it's very chic indeed:)
Also can't wait to see what mystery item you thrifted for me. Excitement ensues.

Keepersfinders said...

Love the floral print dress, but where is the picture of you wearing it?

Laura said...

That turquoise nightgown is p-e-r-f-e-c-t. Absolutely the greatest garment I've seen in the blogosphere for a while. :)

Skye said...

I love the floral belt with the turquoise dress! I'd date that floral dress as circa 1989, because I remember borrowing a very similar one from my mother the summer I finished school in order to find myself a summer job. It looks lovely on you, but it did remind me of days spend traipsing around in the heat asking people if they needed anyone to work in their shops.

Hailey @ said...

Both white and teal dresses are dreamy. Great thrifting work.

Annie said...

Those seat cushions are really cool!

Mila said...

Great finds!!
You look very pretty!


Heidi at MilkChildren said...

Its a nightgown?
It makes a lovely dress. Your belt is adorable--they are a perfect match :)