Sunday, August 17, 2008

Flea Market Sunday

Clover and I took a stroll down to the flea market for some Sunday browsing. Of course our first stop is always to see the vintage clothing lady with her tarp o' treasures:

This is her. She's so adorable and very sweet. Apparently she used to have vintage clothing shops in the area and is now selling off her stock at the monthly flea market. I can only imagine how incredible this stock must be as every month she has so many new and amazing pieces! She just piles them all out on the huge tarp for vintage hungry bargain hunters to dig through, and believe me there are some amazing deals to be had.

Just ask this girl on the right, she had a huge pile of awesomeness by the time she was done digging, a few items I would have liked to have snagged for myself, including the sheer white dress being laid onto the pile in the previous pic. And who's that I see back there knee deep in vintage goodness?

Well if it isn't the lovely Laura Jane and her son Karl, who we just happened to run into. Imagine that, what are the odds? Pretty good actually ;) She lives right down the street too.

After some recent thrifting and rummage saleing the day before, I was feeling like I needed to take a little break from buying myself more clothes, and I hope you all haven't started getting sick of my outfit posts yet because I should have a bunch coming up. Unfortunately though, I didn't buy that adorable little number with the strawberries that she was trying to tempt me with.

Why then, you may be wondering, did I head straight for this vendor? Well, lets just say I was shopping for a friend ;) but more on that in a later post.

This was another exceptionally well-dressed browser, hence my feeble attempt at stealth street style photography.

I then followed the musical sounds of a country hoe-down all the way across the parking lot to find, to my delight, square dancers!

They were called The Circle 'N Squares, and they were so freakin' cute! Especially that lady in the middle there, she stole my heart :) They were handing out flyers and do-se-do-ing there little hearts out to promote their square dancing classes on Thursday nights. First week is free...

... and seeing this fun footage of square dancing in Central Park, circa 1945, makes me actually want to go!

Now all I need is this yellow dress, a petticoat, and a partner (because pigs WILL fly, as they say, before I ever get Lucas out on a square dance floor ;)


Skye said...

The tarp of treasures is making my heart go flutter. Nothing like a good rummage on a sunny day!

I can't believe you didn't get that strawberry dress...

StrikeMatch said...

That looks so amazing! I remember last time I saw something like this I was 15 and I still dream about it.

Those square dancers are gorgeous.

tealady said...

You have inspired me to search for flea market treasures. I am so glad I happened upon your blog, your thrifted ensembles are wonderful. I look forward to checking out your future outfit updates.

Missa said...

Skye - I know, I kinda can't believe I didn't get it myself, what was I thinking?!

strikematch - Sometimes I take for granted how lucky I am to have this in walking distance from my house, thanks for reminding me not too!

tealady - Thankyou! So glad to have inspired you :)

anja louise verdugo said...

Woah! I've seen that strawberry dress before.

It was on!

thefashionmaven said...

wow! what a glorious land of vintage treasures! i think i need to win the lottery and spend a year thrifting/rummaging all across the nation :)

Milla said...

Wow! The Magic Vintage Tarp sounds, well, magical! I can totally picture you doing a fun ye-olden-timey dance in one of your pretty florals, maybe the clover-dress. You sure you can't use your womanly wiles on Lucas? It'd be so cute! (an argument that always wins with men-folk: "It'll be cute hon!")

Apron Thrift Girl said...

Although I grimaced the other day at the mention of square dancing in my post, parts of me still enjoy allemande left. I have something for you that I picked up yesterday. If you email me your mailing address, I'll drop it in the mail for you.

Missa said...

Anja - That's so funny! I'm sure this one was way cheaper than the one on too. Most of her stuff is generally $10 or less.

thefashionmaven - You and me both girl!

Milla - Unfortunately, after thirteen years together my womanly wiles don't get me very far with such things anymore, especially if dancing is involved ;)

Also, I did pluck something from the magical vintage tarp for you :)

Selena - That's so sweet of you, thankyou! Ohh, I'm so excited to see what it is!

Diane said...

So many wonderful piles of clothing! I've never been very good at putting together a cute vintage look, but with all the revamped nightgown talk lately, I've snatched up a little blue cotton number and may take a swing at it. Your tales are always enjoyable and inspiring.

Missa said...

Aw, thanks Diane! I hope that little blue number works out for you as well as mine did!

Mila said...

This looks so great!
I'd love to go thrifting on some great markets with you.. if only we would live a little closer.


DeSmitten said...

flea markets make the best sundays