Monday, August 18, 2008

100% Thrifted Pick of the Week (8.18.08)

Honestly, there were so many great outfits in the 100% Thrifted flickr pool, there was no way I was narrowing it down to just one. So, here is a sampling of the awesomosity that was 100% Thrifted this week (all pics link to the original on flickr):

Oh Marcine, what a perfect lil’ lady you are! The brown leather bag against that shade of blue is heavenly and it just doesn’t get more charming than gloves AND a parasol!

You know I’m a sucker for a cute 60’s minidress, especially one with adorable lacy detailing like that oversized peter pan collar and bib!

I have one word for you people: S-K-O-R-T! Oh yes, there’s nothing like the wind in your skort to make it look extra fabulous! Lambandlynx is a 90’s revival goddess!

IBelieveInUnicorns shows us another of her adorable thrifted-nightgown-turned-dress creations. This is really quite a skill she has! I think she should start a business selling altered nightgown dresses :)

Lastly but definitely not least, I'm just going to link to this one because the photo had no "blog this" option. Ellayegee does red, white, and blue to absolute vintage PERFECTION! I think this just may be the color combo of the summer and I love how it became more of a nautical look rather than Fourth of July patriotic. Lucky girl, she got that amazing dress at a clothing swap too, which reminds me… I still have a dress I need to wear!


Skye said...

I love all of those!

soZealous said...

Thanks for the "pick"! I'm flattered.

Props to Dorothea's Closet:)

Leeann said...

wow, i always follow your thrift picks... and now i am one! don't believe i've ever been called a goddess of any sort, but i'll gladly take it. :) thank you!!

CoutureCarrie said...

Marcine's gloves make me so happy!!!

Alexa said...

omygod I want lambandlynx's shoes...

Mila said...

Beautiful looks!
I love the first and the second the most!