Saturday, August 23, 2008

Parallels in Style

I saw the gorgeous girl in the first photo on face hunter yesterday and did a double take over her dress. It reminds me so much of my clover dress! The print colors and the tightly pleated waistlines. Hers is in much better condition but hey, mine was free!

I love her knit headscarf too!

Now check out this dress from Built by Wendy's current collection and then take a look at my new romper in the post below, notice anything familiar?

Fellow remixer Jean C'est Quoi pointed out in her comment on my w_r post that the print was very much like something Built by Wendy is doing, so I checked out the pieces on their site and was surprised to find not only a very similar print but also this dress... from the waist up in the front, the cuts are identical! How funny we're even wearing similar sunglasses :D

The dress costs a whole lot more than the dollar I paid for my romper though... originally 292 times more to be exact, although at it's current sale price, it's a steal at only 146 times more ;)

It's a cute dress though, makes me want to find a matching skirt to wear over the bottom half of the romper as the weather cools. Hope your having a wonderful weekend!


Skye said...

You're way ahead of the pack, stylesetting like a star!

Mila said...

Wow, gorgeous!
I truly LOVE the first two oufits... also the big scarf (?) is amazing!

thefashionmaven said...

go immediately here:

(sorry i don't know how to make it a proper link) and prepare to buy yourself a knit cowl neck/head scarf like that girl has come sept. when the shop opens again - oh and check out her flickr at

to preview what you know in your heart YOU MUST HAVE!

Hailey @ said...

Interesting, style twins are everywhere!