Friday, August 29, 2008

Peace On Earth

Yesterday was insanely hot again, which explains what I'm calling my it's-really-freaking-hot-and-all-this-hair-is-not-helping-pose. Remember this strange tunic thingy I found in the Salvos sleepwear section? It's no flowy hippie dress, but turns out it's super comfy and will do the trick on the hottest of days.

I really really love this sweet little necklace I found at the flea market for a dollar. It's a tiny metal book with a hinge that opens and closes.

There's the cutest lil' fair-haired angel with blue eyes and red lips on the front...

...and this lovely engraving on the inside.

Speaking of lil' fair-haired blue-eyed angels, mine just turned 11 months yesterday. I can't believe she's almost a year old! She'll be walking and talking in no time. She actually said "nanana" while pointing at the bananas in the grocery store the other day, and it was the cutest thing ever! I'm a lucky gal :)


Skye said...

Oh look at that little bubba - so sweet! I've got a belt like that one - I made it into a belt for the little dude though.

I have been squirreling away a little pile of goodies for you too!

Mila said...

Aaaah, such a sweet little girl! She looks adorable...really!

You look amazing, as always.
I love that top..i wore a similar top today, because it was finally sunny.
Tomorrow will be another sunny day and then it will be over...fall will come. :(

Have a lovely sunday, dear!

x Mila.

Caroline said...

That is one seriously cute little baby you've got there. Great necklace too - I love jewelry with moving parts!

Karima said...

you have the cutest collection of pendants i have seen!. that bebe is most adorable, you are a lucky mama!

thefashionmaven said...

this post is just all around SWEET! i hope someday if i have a wee one she's as adorable as yours!

CoutureCarrie said...

Beautiful blouse . . . and baby!!


The Paper Doll said...

Love that blouse - it makes me want our summer to come faster (its the first day of spring here today - yay!!). I also love that pendant - very sweet.

StrikeMatch said...

Beautiful. I love the necklace and your baby is adorable. You're making me clucky.

Mila said...

Thanks for your comments, dear!
What you said about's maybe a shame, but before this post i had never heard of the guy!
I really fell for these gorgeous words and i am definitely going to read more of his's really gorgeous.
Although i find it a little hard to understand all of the words, because my English is okay, but definitely not perfect.
So sometimes i think i miss the magic of his words...

Have a great week!

Nourished Mother said...

Always find the best stuff in sleepwear.
Wow- almost one. Isn't it the craziest thing ever?

Diane said...

Proud mama. You should be, she is CUTE! "Banana" was one of the first words my daughter attempted too. She loves bananas so much that now when she wants anything, she yells, "Na-na-na-na-NAH!"

Spandexpony said...

She is sooo adorable!! When she's old enough, I bet she'll love to wear that amazing necklace as much as you do!