Friday, July 4, 2008

Friends, Family, and Finds

Yesterday was gorgeous. Blue skies, the sun was shining... a perfect day to break out my new finds from Fun Friday. Also a perfect day for BBQ-ing with friends and family.

Every 4th of July there's a fireworks show set off at the fairgrounds near our house (this year they switched it to the 3rd). Our friends down the street have a perfect view from their front yard, so we BBQ-ed, watched fireworks, and then sat around the outdoor fireplace in the backyard, Clover asleep on my chest. Basically the perfect summer day!

I took this pic today of my lovely friend Laura Jane in her adorable vintage house dress from the flea market. She took that sweet photo of me and Clover last night right before going out to sit by the fire in her backyard.


a cat of impossible colour said...

That is such a beautiful photo of you and Clover. So serene.

Missa said...

Thanks Andrea, I know, I love it and it's so rare that she falls asleep on me like that, especially at a party!

Milla said...

You guys do look lovely. Clover's just too cute really, it's hardly fair for the other, less cute babies.
Your friend Laura Jane looks like a fun thrifting companion!

Karima said...

pretty, pretty, PRETTY dress! great idea to wear a different color slip underneath. you look so lovely, and so does your friend.