Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Three Finds and a Fair

The brown and orange velvet bow belt, the tapestry granny bag, and the long sought after brown woven oxfords... all recent finds that I've posted about, came together as the finishing touches for my Tuesday evening jaunt to the Fair with hubby and baby outfit.

The tee and floral wrap skirt are old purchases from local vintage shops, and the orange ankle socks with argyle detail from Target.

It was lovely and warm early Tuesday evening, opening day of the Sonoma County Fair. Lucas and I strapped Clover into her stroller and strolled the five or so blocks from our house to get there. I've gone to this fair pretty much every summer since I was a kid, but this was kinda special being my first trip, of many I'm sure, to the fair with my daughter. She's only nine months old, still too young to take it all in, but she loves when there is a lot going on around her so it was perfect.

We took her to see the animals and to the Hall of Flowers, which I just learned is the country's largest themed flower show, this year's theme being "Red, White, and Bloom". How's that for good ol' fashioned county fair Americana?

As we were leaving the Junior Arts and Crafts building after searching out paintings by our niece and nephew, I spotted this crazy piece of not so good ol' fashioned county fair Americana. A kid baked this... WTF?! It looks like it was written in blood. So wrong... on exactly three levels. I can only hope the kid was trying to make a statement by being morbidly ironic.

On a happier note, there was a giant 7 foot long, 4 foot tall pig that we did not pay 50 cents to see. On second thought, the fact that this poor pig is spending its day in a small confined space while people gawk at it isn't actually a much happier note at all, is it?

We did get to see this pig for free though and she was pretty darn big! Suckling piglets, both happy and cute! Until they grow up and get auctioned off to the highest bidding butcher... oh that's horrible, I'm sorry... but probably true.

Ok, now this I promise you is truly a happy place. Clover Stornetta is a local, very well known in the area, dairy business. In fact, we actually thought about not naming our daughter Clover for fear of this association but loved the name so much that we stuck with it. I'm glad we did too because it totally fits her. Anyway, it wasn't open when we took the picture, but this lil' hut is where they give out free ice cream cones at various times throughout the day and has been a favorite fair feature of mine since childhood. :)

And how freaking cute is THIS?!


Heidi at MilkChildren said...

You outfit is beautiful.
so is your daughter! xo

Karima said...

love that velvet belt, great colors on you!

Keepersfinders said...

Great pictures of the fair, and of course of Clover! She is almost as good looking as her Uncle.
Take a look at this and remember you were part of the history!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Lovely photos! And Clover's floral pants are awesome :)

Milla said...

Aawww! Clover rules. Plus free ice cream!?! Now that's a pretty good dairy company.

Mila said...

Wow, what a great post! Such a beautiful daughter you have! :)

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I will be adding your blog to my blogroll too!

Thanks again.

x Mila.

Missa said...

Thanks girls, you're all so sweet!

keepersfinders -- Clover can only hope to one day grow up to attain the good looks of her uncle ;) Can't wait to see what you guys find!

Milla -- I think you called it with the "Mo-oom you're embarrasing me" look on Clover's face. Can't wait till she's old enough for me to reeeally embarrass her!

PoppyFields said...

Aww! Clover is absolutely A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! what a lovely name!
i'm also having a big case of envy over your beautiful shoes! -You have great style
poppy x

Ula said...

haha funny cake;DDD. I love your shoes:)

Apron Thrift Girl said...

We are already missing the Clover signs that amused us as we traveled around Sonoma County. We nearly got to the fair but it didn't work out. Clover looks adorable and the skirt you are wearing is just lovely.

Alexa said...

WOW that cake! It would be perfect if it were red velvet. You should totally submit it to Cake Wrecks!

Missa said...

Thanks again girls!

alexa -- I know! I totally thought of that site when I saw this cake, maybe I will submit it!