Thursday, July 17, 2008

Weekend Finds

I went to a clothing swap tonight and made out like a bandit, but more on that later. These were my finds from last weekend. Two four-dollar dresses from this month's Sunday flea market down the street (I didn't take pictures because Clover wasn't really feelin' it and I only made it through the first row of vendors before it was time to take her home) and a cute little vintage children's book from the Salvation Army.

Style-wise the dresses probably couldn't be more different but I quite like them both. The one above has a really flattering fit and I think it needs to be seen on to be fully appreciated so I'll try to wear it soon. The label says Ambiance and I'm guessing that it's vintage-inspired but I really love the 1930's feel of it and the pockets were a big selling point. It reminds me of the dresses they wore on the HBO series Carnivale. The styling on that show was amazing!

This lil' number had no tags and I know nothing about it, but it strikes me as a bit 50's pin-up, which is not normally my thing, but I loved the diagonal ruffle across the front and the little matching tie belt. Something about it reminds me of vintage swimsuits and rompers that I've been seeing and liking lately. The gray-green feathery leaves with the pops of fuchsia flowers in the print appealed to me too.

Another one for the collection. Look at that adorable cover... how was I to resist?!


Super Kawaii Mama said...

That first dress is a real stunner, and as you said, the 30's styling of it is perfection. Can't wait to see it on.

Milla said...

awww! for that kids book! but even more for those dresses, especially the pocketses. It is very Carnivale indeed and am looking forward to seeing it on you!

Laura jane said...

I love both of your dresses! And that book is darling.

buoy said...

you were my inspiration for my "painfully hip" post today :)
hope you don't mind!

i always adore the finishing touches to all of your outfits.

Spandexpony said...

love love love that hawaiian dress!