Friday, July 18, 2008

Clothing Swap

Laura Jane hosted a clothing swap at her place Thursday night. Wine, snacks, free clothes and fun girls... my kind of evening. There were 10 of us total, 6 by the time Laura Jane thought to take a group photo, and I'm so glad she did, so that I have something to share. That's me in the back of course and these are my friends (left to right): Lisa, Laura Jane, Erin, Aura, and Julie Anne. Aren't they cute? We are sitting atop a couch covered in piles of clothes. Julie Anne decided to add a little Parisian flair to her ensemble with my old black beret.

It was supposed to be an opportunity for us to clear our closets of unworn clothes and maybe if we were lucky, to find a few new-to-us gems to take home. Well, as it turned out, I hit the jackpot and all I can say is so much for clearing out my closet and it pays to have stylish friends :) While I did get rid of a garbage bag full of stuff, here's a look at the grocery bag full of clothes that I took home:

I'm especially excited to have inherited Julie Anne's sparkly nautical minidress! The flap in the front of the dress has lil' star buttons around it! I call this my Milla grouping ;)

This I call Shiny Happy Tee-shirts Holding Hands. All so soft and comfy and I've been looking for a good stripey shirt too.

A second awesome dress score came my way when Erin bestowed upon me this lovely Free People dress made of the thinnest, softest, smoothest tee-shirt material. It feels like wearing air, so nice! Making a total of 10 shirts, 2 dresses, and a skirt... not bad.

Yep, that's Erin sporting none-other-than my cute overload cardi. In the end it turned out to be about two chickens and a duck too cute for me, but she's a hottie who can no doubt pull off all that cute. I'm just so glad all the chickens and ducks are off to a good home :)

This is Ben who was not there when I left and I am SO sorry to have missed this because knowing him, the shenanigans leading up to and following the taking of this photo were sure to have been pee-your-pants-funny. I see my beret became the joke prop of the night and Kudos to Ben for such seamless integration of that stuffed chameleon into this dapper ensemble! Thanks again Laura Jane for supplying the pics and organising the swap!

Oh, and be sure to check out my feet as featured today on Painfully Hip... yup, my feet... Thanks Deaver!


Karima said...

Jackpot!! Well done. You girls look so purty, and that must have been a fun evening. Glad your fowl found a good home.

Love the first dress in the post below btw!

Anonymous said...

that looks like SO much fun! i think i'm going to have to host a clothing swap...
i've been trying to come up with a way to do an online clothing swap, because there seem to be so many well-dressed bloggers out there. hmm...

also, thanks for the healing thoughts :)
i'm definitely feeling the effects of them. i woke up this morning with a little more tingling in my face. (this is a very good sign, my doctor said.)

also, thanks again for the inspiring example set by your feet!


Milla said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I Love my grouping, I can't wait to see that dress and that top and skirt seem to be very cozy together. Your friends are stylin'. Lucky!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Yay, looks like fun! I'm having a clothing swap in a couple of weeks ... hopefully the Swap Gods will smile upon us as well :D

Hailey @ said...

That is a total Milla pile!! I have to organzie one of these in my city, as soon as I have some good goods to contribute it's on!