Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thrifted Style

I've been slightly addicted to the flickr group wardrobe_remix for awhile now. When it comes to thrifted style, this group is an endless source of inspiration. I love seeing how people pair their vintage and modern pieces and remix thrifted treasures with new items. Well, today I finally made my first post. Here I am rockin my recently thrifted hearts & unicorns sweater and trying to pass little Clover off as a fabulous accessory. I was going to post a shot of just me, but her dress went so well with my outfit I couldn't resist!

1 comment:

Courtnez said...

!Clover is so so so small, i went back a couple years to see all your post!
you are such an inspiration.
I'm only 16, and I'm already an addicted thrifter. When I'm your age I can see myself living a life close to yours, laid back, and full of crazy amazing vintage style,
and stray from mainstream and indoulge in the things that really having a feeling and emotion andstory too them!