Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Loot

All vintage except the mini dress:

  • one pink floral polyester dress ($4.50)
  • one blue and green floral mini dress ($2.50)
  • two pillow cases (.50 each)
  • two patchwork place mats (.50 each)
  • One children's book of poems ($1)

My latest batch of thrift scores seems to be screaming "yay, spring is finally here!" There definitely seems to be a sunny floral thing going on which makes me think about this:

Often I will go into a thrift store, buy a bunch of random things, and realize when I get them home that somehow they just magically seem to go together. This usually involves a common theme of complimentary colors and/or patterns. I know from reading other people's blogs and viewing photos of finds on flickr that this is actually a very common thrifting phenomenon. I find it interesting and it does seem to add something to each item when it feels like it belongs to a cohesive set, for me at least. I suppose it's not surprising since our purchases reflect our current moods and tastes.

Speaking of which, while going through this set of photos, I happened to notice that one of the cork board inspiration squares that I have hanging near my desk had images with the same soft pinks, blues, and greens. It's hard to see here but the splotchy blue and green pattern on one of the presents in the gift wrapping image looks suspiciously like the floral pattern on my mini dress... hmm. I just love that kind of stuff... :)

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