Monday, March 24, 2008

Nifty Thrift Picks of the Week (3.24.08)

Not only do I love thrifting myself, I also really enjoy checking out other people's thrift finds and my favorite place to do this is in the photo pool for the flickr group Nifty Thrift (my other flickr addiction). So, I've decided to start a new weekly post sharing my top three picks. Here are this week's faves:

Child Craft: Creative Play & Hobbies, originally uploaded by anja louise verdugo.

I am totally smitten with the cover of this vintage book. I think it would be fun to decorate a little girl's room using this image as the inspiration.

Puttin' on the spritz!, originally uploaded by greenapplegrenade.

Perfume... not really a fan, but I am in LOVE with this pretty little spritzer! Beautiful 25 cent flea market find.

This one actually came from an antique store but it is SO cool and $20 seems like such a great deal!


Anonymous said...

I think I am going to get a printout made of that book cover someday, because I want it on my wall! I'm not sure how big the original photo is on my flickr, hopefully big enough to a nice quality print.

Your blog is so great, I added it to my google reader! Yay thrift blogs!

Missa said...

anja- A print of that book cover would make such an excellent piece of wall art.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed my blog. Yours is great too... it's amazing all the cool stuff you find... I think you just might be my new thrifting hero!

Regina said...

Just clicked onto your blog from another site (don't remember which one). Love seeing your finds. I to used to use my tea cups as candle holders. Hadn't thought of planting anything in them. I have a two year old daughter and shop (stalk?) the local Goodwill shops for bargains. I'll be checking back in.

Missa said...

Thanks for your comment regina,
I love hearing from people who stop by!