Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thrift Trend: Vintage Children's Books

It seems that vintage children's books are on every thrifter's list of items to look for. They are definitely up there on my list. They're widely available (at least where I shop), usually very cheap ($1 or less), and you just can't beat the illustrations found in these old books... amazing. Here are a few from my collection:

Browsing Etsy, I've come across people using vintage children's books as crafting material with some really cool results:

Set of 3 magnets for $5 available from WordySmith.

Belt buckle for $23 available from MaxineDear.

Set of 6 buttons for $5 and poker chip pendant for $12 available from Sushipot.

And in my opinion, the coolest thing ever made using vintage children's books... this decoupaged vintage teardrop case by pixiegenne. Unfortunately it was sold months ago, which is sad for me but great for whoever was lucky enough to buy it. Check out more of meg from pixiegenne's amazing decoupage work here. All I can say is... complete awesomeness. I also know from reading her wonderful blog that she is an excellent thrifter. Check it out, she regularly shows off her enviable finds.

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