Sunday, March 16, 2008

Teacups Revisited

My very first post was about teacups and how I wanted to try to repurpose some of mine as they do not see much actual tea action (not much meaning none). So I finally got around to dusting some of them off and sprucing them up. While I didn't attempt anything too challenging, I'm pleased with how they turned out:

This is my lazy but still pretty version of the teacup candle idea. The clear depression glass cup is perfect for floating a single lotus flower candle and the tiny pair of pink and green demitasse cups (I buy them because they are too cute not to, but do people really drink out of these?) are the perfect size to use as tea light votives.

I'm especially proud of my variation on the teacups as planters idea and these tiny succulents look perfect in my set of retro cups.

I'm thinking table centerpiece with the three succulent cups perched atop an amazing cake plate. I've always wanted a cake plate, I don't know why as I rarely bake (rarely meaning almost never). Something like my dream cake plate from Etsy seller witney smith pottery would be perfect... love that little bird!!! But lets be real, for $58 that's not going to happen. Oh well, now I have something new to look for on my next trip to the thrift store.


Sanna said...

I just love your idea to use retro teacups as planters! I planned to auction off a selection of my old retro teacups but now I'm dying to try out your idea and see how they will look on my windowsill. Thanks again for this great post!

Missa said...

your welcome sanna, and thanks for your comment! they will be perfect on the windowsill, just the right size :)

princessmillatwoshoes said...

OMG I just planted some little plantskies in vintage teacups as a housewarming gift and then here you are showing off your wonderful succulents. They actually work better than mine 'cos I planted some pansies that are quite bushy. Maybe I'll try succulents next.
Love the blog by the by;)

Missa said...

princessmillatwoshoes- thanks, glad you liked the blog.

Yes, planting in teacups is tricky: a) no drainage and b)not much room. Small succulents work well since they don't require much water or have big roots. :)