Friday, March 14, 2008

The Mother Load of Baby Beanies

You may have noticed, based on 2 out of my 3 wardrobe_remix posts, that I have a thing for knit hats. Especially those of the multicolor variety... pom poms always a plus. So you can imagine how my heart skipped a beat when I came across this cornucopia of colorful hand knit infant hats in the thrift store on Wednesday. Unfortunately, they were all so tiny that they would have been too small for even Clover's little head. I think this was for the best though. With Spring only a week away, Clover probably doesn't need a dozen new knit hats anyway.

While I did not purchase any wee hats, I did pick up another book to add to my collection of thrifted vintage children's books (more on this topic in a future post). The Forever Christmas Tree by Yoshiko Uchida, published in 1963. Yellow and gray being a favorite color combination, I was immediately taken with the illustrations and when I got the book home I was pleased to discover that it was beautifully written as well:

"The north wind shivered through the bamboo grove where he liked to play, and it became a forlorn place, too cold even for fighting shadow dragons with bamboo swords."


diana said...

hi! i found your blog through painfully hip, and i've really enjoyed reading it. wanted to show my face rather than be just another "lurker" :)

do you mind if i link to you on my blog? i think we're kinda doing the same thrifting thing, on different sides of the country!

Missa said...

hi diana. thanks so much for leaving me my first comment! I've been having a lot of fun doing this so it was very exciting for me to hear that someone else out there enjoys it to.

you can totally link to me on your blog, that would be great. what is your blog? I'd love to check it out, when I tried clicking on the link to your name here it said "blog not found". looking forward to reading it, thanks again, and happy thrifting!

diana said...

sorry about the link not working! let me try again... my blog should be here.

your teacup story cracks me up. i imagine that your husband and my boyfriend give us similar horrified looks if the topic involves thrifting.

i've found that the whole process runs a lot smoother if i tell him "don't worry. i'll probably sell this on ebay."

diana said...

or maybe that doesn't work either...
where is my brain today?!?!
i promise i can usually function in the real world :)

third time's a charm!

Missa said...

diana, congratulations on your guest-poster gig on Painfully Hip... that is too cool and to say that this road trip sounds like fun would be such an understatement! I'm so jealous.

love your blog... you really are "ridiculously adorable" and funny as hell... look forward to reading about this dream of a trip!