Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Thrift Art

One of my favorite sections to peruse while thrifting is the art and frame section. Granted, usually most of it is hideous, which just makes it that much more exciting when you come across that one gem. I have been keeping my eye out for interesting portrait paintings for some time now with no luck at all. I had basically given up on the idea that I might find one. So you can imagine my surprise when I spied this lovely lady sitting on top of a box full of crap in a dark corner of the Salvation Army on Friday afternoon. She totally knocked my socks off! She was painted in 1974 and the artist's signature is "RTL". I love the muted colors with pops of golden yellow light reflecting from her and the coral clothing. Not to mention the slight bluish glow to her eyes and the palest of pinks in her cheeks and lips. Oh and don't even get me started on that fabulous hat! I find her absolutely bewitching. I rescued her right away for a mere $2.50! Of course Lucas finds her "creepy" but I'm determined to give her a home with us. Side note: the chair on the right was purchased from an estate sale a few years ago for $25.

I've also started a collection of small paintings. I only have two so far but I hope to have several someday that I can arrange all together on a wall. I like the tiny paintings: a) because they are cute and b) because smaller is better when it comes to getting things past you know who. The frame of the Asian child with flower painting measures 5 1/2" x 7" and I found it at a flea market (I believe it was $5) and the little sailboat painting is 4" x 5" (I got it for $3 at Sack's).

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