Friday, March 28, 2008

Thrift Art

Pictures of the offices of Drew Barrymore's production company, Flower Films, (decorated by Ruthie Sommers) from the March issue of Domino were all over the design blogs this month. Of course this one on desire to inspire with the wall full of thrifted art caught my eye... LOVE it. Hmm, thrifting for celebrities... where do I sign up for that job?!

Also at desire to inspire, this fun transformation of a funky thrift store "shell painting", all it took was a little white and yellow paint.

And next time you find yourself wandering aimlessly on the Internet, stop by, and browse this online gallery of thrift store paintings. Reading their witty titles is pretty entertaining and there are some that I find quite lovely. For example, "Sherri" and "Unattended Toddler Sits with Balloons and Playing Children", with their bright cheery colors and happy subject matter, are totally wall-worthy.

And in an alternate reality where Lucas doesn't exist, the more subdued "Small Dutch Couple Beneath Yellow Tulips" and "New Shoes 2" would be more than welcome to join my decor as well.

However, most of what you will find on display ranges from wacky to weird to WTF? and for the embodiment of all three, you need look no further than "Unidentified Person in Multicolored Sweater Looks up at Bald Man with Paunch". While there is a creepiness here that can not be denied, something about its muted palette along with the stripy sweater strangely appeals to me. Perhaps if "Man with Paunch" was clothed or less mean-looking and if "Unidentified Person" didn't look so frightened?... no, perhaps not... enjoy!

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Moomootoyou said...

Missa you crack me up! The cery imaginative titles of the paintings are a scream!