Monday, March 10, 2008

Bags and Birds

On my last trip to the Salvation Army I also picked up two super cool vintage purses... for $1.00 each (did I mention that I love half off day?) Black leather and shiny gold... they even look great together. Here they are posing with some white ceramic birds thrifted from the Goodwill last summer.

When I got home, I opened up the black leather clutch to find two imitation pearl hat pins still stuck in the lining of the inside pocket. This made me wonder about the woman who put them there. What was she like, what types of items had this bag contained over the years, what outfits was it paired with? That's what makes vintage finds so great... the uniqueness and sense of history that they have. It's so much fun to give these wonderful cast offs new life.

Speaking of which, this bag began its new life over the weekend along with a red 80's bolero jacket thrifted with the purses. My second wardrobe_remix post.

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