Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shirts in Bloom

Not finding anything at Sacks last weekend, I went down the street to the New to You shop and to my utter surprise and glee they were having an EVERYTHING IN THE STORE IS ONE DOLLAR sale, yay! Unfortunately, it was later in the day and the store had been pretty well picked over but I did manage to find a couple of flowery vintage shirts and a lovely lacy scarf.

As soon as I spotted this, I knew it was meant to be! I don't even care if the 80's call and want their sweater back. It's mine now and I love it!


SoulPony said...

i love the navy blouse. i'm afraid i could never thrift with you because we'd probably want a lot of the same pieces.

that navy is one of the pieces that seems like a great score that doesn't come everyday.

Missa said...

You're right tonya. I took a look at your blog and we'd definitely be fighting over that red houndstooth polyester number :)

LF said...

So 80's. So amazing. I Love Love Unicorns. and I REALLY LOVE Thrifting. I think we would get along.