Saturday, February 21, 2009

Latest in Loot: Installment 3, Cozy Knits and Shades of Pale

Just a few more finds to go :)

This sweater vest, I got for $3.80 at Salvos. I like that the neutral color goes with everything, yet if you enlarge it you can see all the fun little colorful specks throughout the yarn (they remind me of cupcake sprinkles:). I'm thinking this will be perfect with my new tan pants.

I found this lil' vintage sweater at Salvos as well for $3. How sweet is the embroidery and that collar?!

I also found the vintage "pale mauve" tights for $1. The color goes so well with the sweater's embroidered flowers and you've gotta love the vintage packaging.

This vintage mohair skirt is another favorite recent find for $2.70 at the New To You thrift. It just has that high quality garment feel to it and I think the accompanying suede belt is so cool, the way it's two belts but one belt and the colors are great too.

I like the skirt paired with the above sweater. That's actually what I wore out on my birthday, though only for a short while, so of course I never got a chance to take pictures. I'll have to wear it again sometime and document.

I was pretty excited to find these vintage leather t-strap granny comfort shoes for $3 at Salvos as well. I like the simple moccasin-like detailing on the tops, and like my woven oxfords, I think I'll be able to wear these with so many different things.

The fabric under the shoes is actually a dark navy floral (you can see this and the fact that it's corduroy when enlarged). It's a tiny sneak peek at a reconstruction project I have yet to start, but I'm pretty excited about it. After I've had a chance to dust off the old sewing machine and figure out how to use it again (it's been awhile, I'm sure the manual will be involved) you will hopefully be seeing more of this.

A couple of white lacy tops, $4 each from Goodwill. I've mentioned being into the white lacy stuff lately and I think these will be nice to have going into Spring.

Speaking of Spring, this vintage silky cream top with pearly buttons will be perfect for layering and for wearing on it's own when the weather gets hot.

I like the cute lil' tag too :)

The white porcelain birds in the back, came from Goodwill a couple of years ago. I found the wee one in front at Sacks for 50 cents recently and brought him home to join the flock. They seem to like hanging out with my white unicorn bookend too ;)

Ah the clover paraphernalia, it is beginning to add up. The sweet lil' vase was a non-thrifted gift to Clover from Grandma and the teacup in back was thrifted and gifted by my sister-in-law. I found the matching vintage teacup and saucer at Goodwill for $2 and of course could not resist.

Salvation Army, $1.50.... hey, the kid's gotta wear something on St. Patty's Day ;)


daywalker said...

Wow! You got some very cool stuff. I love the skirt, the first lace top, the porcelain birdies and the clover stuff because I have some - one piece is a clover egg cup and the other is a clover dinner bell - I looooove thrifting.

Rachael :)

Diane said...

Fantastic haul! Lovely white laciness and goodies for Clover. Did you shop with a wagon that day?! You found so much, well, thrift candy ;)

Thrifted Treasure said...

My God! What a fantastic haul!! My favourites are the plaid skirt, 1st lacy top and all the clover items (I'm Irish!!)

StrikeMatch said...

Ahhh that plaid skirt is so so gorgeous. It looks like a perfect length for you too and the double belt is like icing on the cake. Plus the lovely clover dress is something that she can cherish forever.

Manja said...

I LOVE all of this! The lacy tops are so gorgeous for spring and if it was my size, I would totally wear that clover dress haha

Karen Beth said...

Love that first lace top... so pretty!

Parapluie said...

You really found great stuff!

Sal said...

Such a haul! The lacy tops are my faves.

thefashionmaven said...

i am entranced by your new white lacy tops!
please please please post pics of clover in her st. patty's day attire!!!!

ambika said...

Those mauve tights are such a find! & so cheap!

& I'm loving that skirt as well. What a haul!

Jennifer said...

Great stuff! I'm just starting to discover my thrifty side and your blog is so inspirational - thanks for sharing!

Eyeliah @ said...

Lovely white tops! And Clover in clover, how adorable!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

whoa//total greatness! I love all the white! Glad to see someone else appreciates vintage tags as much as I :))


Mila said...

LOVE it all!
It's just soo you!


Lola said...

What wonderful finds! I've just discovered your blog, and am very much enjoying envying all of the thrifty loveliness! I think also that we might have little girls of the same ages... what a sweet name Clover is!

Alexa said...

CLovers for Clover ;) I love the tag on that cami. I think interesting tags are underrated.