Tuesday, February 24, 2009

100% Thrifted Pick of the Week (2.24.09)

, originally uploaded by nemrešpobjećodnedjelje.

The amazing nemrespobjecodnedjelje does it again! I just love the way she seems to so effortlessly tow the line between crazy and brilliant to produce outfits that are consistently, well… crazy brilliant, and with such ease and grace. Truly a wonder to behold!

Here she’s taken plaid mixing to a whole new level and I’m loving the green/red contrast as well as how perfectly her shirt and hat are echoing the snow covered trees in the background. I think that might actually be the most perfect plaid shirt I’ve ever seen :)

Her outfit immediately reminded me of the plaidtastic D&G Fall 2008 collection, so if you (as I am) are now feeling inspired to get crazy with the plaids, here’s some more wondrous plaid mixing inspiration:

[photos via Style.com]

Check out the 100% Thrifted flickr group for more fabulous fully thrifted outfits.


Manja said...

Oh, I love this mix of plaid!
Btw. I was this old kind of Can Can dancer at the costume party, with a big black feather boa. I might post pictures today or in the following days :)

muchlove said...

Loving all the plaid!

Sal said...

I'm too timid to mix plaids myself, but just love this look! And agree that she matches her environment perfectly.

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

I thought of the same runway show. I would so love her to have a blog. :-)

katiecrackernuts said...

I'm not a huge fan of plaid, but she makes it look great. I hold onto the plaid kilts. I had three for a while, but now just have the one dark green one. The red started to look a little too "hello kitty" for me.

Caroline said...

Gah! Again, she's wearing an outfit in which she looks perfectly amazing and put together but which would look insane on me.

I love all this! I especially like the mixing of a plaid outfit with plaid tights.

Marie said...

WOW! What a great outfit! Rumor has it that plaids are going to be so "in" this year. I love plaid!!!