Monday, February 9, 2009

Dissappointment and damn good butter sauce...

So… for my birthday on Sunday, Lucas and I planned to leave Clover with her aunt and uncle for a couple of hours to go out for a semi-fancy dinner, just the two of us (this never happens), at our favorite cozy little French restaurant.

Unfortunately, Clover had plans of her own... and these plans in no way involved an evening away from Mama. We were able to enjoy our soup and a few sips of excellent wine before receiving the call. She had begun crying hysterically shortly after we left and showed no signs of letting up anytime soon.

After nervously powering through our salads and gulping down wine whilst waiting for our dinners to be packaged… we went home to enjoy some very delicious and very expensive take-out.

I savored probably the best halibut of my life (seriously, it had some sort of magical butter sauce on it) with a teary-eyed, runny-nosed Clover in my lap. Ah, the joys of parenthood!

(image via Loveology)

P.S. I did indeed get in a few good hours of solo thrifting on Saturday though... more on that later ;)


Home Girl said...

i rekkon it was worth a try. this brings back memories, don't worry they get better at being left. i'm glad you didn't just leave her to sob herself to sleep, what a wonderful mummy you are. its only for such a short time that they need us so much. looking forward to the solo thrifting bounty xx

Sonya said...

Ah, yes, been there! It does get easier as they get older...they realize "Mommy always comes back!" But when they are so small, they just don't get it yet, poor little bunky.
I LOVE that saying, is it possible to copy it and stick it on my website with a credit back to you? Sonya

katiecrackernuts said...

I have teens and this is still a dreaded phone call. It's usually someone dobbing in someone else for doing something they shouldn't be doing. The phone never stops but we dare not turn it off. One of our teens has some VERY unsavoury friends who have been known to show up at houses they know the parents aren't in ... housewrecking is a common occurence where I live.

Diane said...

Always worth a try!

When Charlotte was 1 month old, my husband and I went out alone, for the first time, to a movie. We saw Charlotte's Web. Big mistake. Every time I heard her name, the anxiety grew. By the time the movie was over, (which I hardly watched) I was sweating. She was perfectly content sleeping in grandma's arms the whole time.

Sometimes it's the mama, sometimes it's the baby :)

Alexa said...

This post had me thinking, oh my, how my life is gonna change! I look forward to it, though...yummy halibut with a beautiful baby sounds pretty wonderful.