Monday, December 28, 2009


It began bright and early with stockings, lattes, and watching Clover and her cousins open presents across the street at my sister-in-law Isolde’s house.

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across this gorgeous sterling silver heart bracelet at a funky little antique shop. I mentioned how perfect it was with it’s enamel yellow roses on the larger heart and clovers(!) on all the little hearts.

My wonderful husband surprised me with it in my stocking Christmas morning… I was hoping ;) I love it so much, I haven’t taken it off.

We ate a delicious brunch and drank mimosas later in the morning at a larger family gathering at my sister-in-law Kelcey’s house. Clover got to open even more presents and as you can see, she got REALLY into it this year!

My Loves

Enjoying some down time with papa… aren’t they sweet? I’m a lucky gal for sure.

The light in their house was so lovely that I may have gone a little overboard on the picture taking, but I had a good excuse. I was getting to know my brand new camera!!!

Lucas got me a nice little Canon point and shoot to finally replace the one that broke. I’m having lots of fun with it. Like I said, I’m a lucky gal… thanks sweetie!


Lucas’s sister Kelcey gave Clover an adorable vintage dress, red velvet with a built-in crinoline that she personalized just for Clover as she was mending it. I had no idea sewing machines could be programmed to do that! It was so perfect for the occasion that she had to put it on right away : )

She made that amazing felted bag on the chair next to her too, and I wish I would have taken a picture of the felted slippers she made, they were so cool. I envy her crafting skills big time!

Kitty Corner

Just chillin’ with their cute little kitty, Bella.

The men of the house… my brother-in-law Tim (who you may have guessed is a musician based on the snazzy new shirt he got for Christmas) and my 12-year-old nephew Tait who inherited the music gene in spades…

Tait hopped on the piano and played this song from Amelie for us. He plays several instruments and composes his own music on the piano too, he’s pretty amazing, and has been since he was just a little tike.

Speaking of little tikes, I love watching Clover milling about in the corner at the tiny play kitchen, unable to sit still even for a second : )


Violet Folklore said...

Oh Clover's dress is adorable!
I loved your comment the other day :-)
I remember those days well. In fact, I remember the exact date Mycelia stopped nursing- it was one year ago today. She nursed in the morning and a few hours later I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. She was more than happy to give up her milk so that my body could grow a new baby. When I miscarried 5 days later, she was already over it (and I was glad that that phase of our relationship was over, I'm all about nursing for as long as everyone is benefitting from it, but after 2.5 years I just wanted to get dressed without formulating my outfit around "easy access").
So awesome about the bracelet and new camera! I'm hoping for a new camera soon myself, gotta up me Etsy game :-)

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

what a beautiful holiday you had, i love every photo! your nephew is extremely talented and little clover is darling. the kitty and your bracelet are so sweet! everything is gorgeous and just so blissful!

Teenysparkles said...

Thanks for sharing, those are beautiful pics and really capture the spirit of your Christmas. Also LOVE the bracelet. Enjoy the season

Hannah said...

Oh my goodness your nephew is so talented! I've recently gotten into playing the piano and I'd *love* to learn to play that!

Clovers red dress is so adorable. I'd totally wear it if it were my size!

Hope you had a lovely christmas, certainly looks that way!

Eyeliah said...

what lovely playing, he will be very successful no doubt.

sofi said...

your nephew's musical skills are seriously amazing! i am really quite blown away, that was some BEAUTIFUL playing

anne said...

wow! he is amazing!
it looks like you had a beautiful Christmas. i love the shot of clover and the kitty and the one of her and her papa, so sweet. and your bracelet and exciting!

anna bu said...

wow those photos are so cute!looks like a christmas with lots of fun.
and he's really amazing!!

Astral Boutique said...

Happy Holidays! What an adorable, exuberant post- esp. Clover and the wrapping paper! I love it. You really captured the spirit of Christmas! (-:


muchlove said...

Awww, lovely photos Missa! Looks like a wonderful Christmas :)

happy new year!

Alexa said...

So beautiful, it almost doesn't look real, like my dream holiday.

Aya Smith said...

Oh, it looks like you had a beautiful Christmas!! You all look gorgeous! ANd I bet it was as fun for you to watch Clover open up presents as it was for us to watch Lucien! It just makes your heart melt... :)

Thrifted Treasure said...

What beautiful photos!!! Sounds like you had the perfect Christmas :-) Your little girl's dress is just stunning as is she! On an unrelated note your friends seem to have gotten my dream kitchen right down to the drawer pulls!!

Diana said...

Your family celebrating Christmas together looks amazing. Great photos with the shadows, too!

Manja said...

That bracelet is so pretty!
I think it's great how you really celebrate Christmas with the whole family but I remember you telling me that you guys live pretty close to each other. That's so great :)
Unfortunately the vimeo clip won't play but I LOVE Amélie!

Sam said...

Little Clover - such a cutie!! Such a blondie!! I love that photo of her opening her presents best! It must be wonderful having little ones at Christmas - you get to see the joy light up their faces!! :) I like all these photos actually - the one with you and your pussy cat is very nice indeed! Thank you for sharing Missa!

...and Happy New Year to you too and your goreous family!!

Emily said...

LOVED the video of Tait playing! Thank you for posting. He is so talented!! Merry Christmas.

Pretty Pirate said...

what a fun looking day! I love the new bracelet and that excited look on Clovers face, also that is one precious kitten!

Elissa said...

Happy new year!! Such lovely photos!

Peldyn said...

I always love your photos of Clover. My husbands says she looks a bit like our little granddaughter Moiren. Her little red dress is just too precious! Now why didn't I think of embroidering my granddaughter's names on their underclothes? My machine does that! Oh the work I am going to have to do now *grin*

Caroline said...

Yay for Christmas! That photo of Clover prancing around on her tip toes is awesome.

stephanie renee said...

so glad i found your blog, such adorable photos!

BlackDog said...

Hi Missa, Great post. I like the pictures. I have my own blog now!

bill mcbride said...

hi missa,

oosa suggested i stop by your blog and i am really glad i did. it is so much fun watching clover as she discovers the world around her. tait's playing is really really he taking any lessons?

best to you and your family. i am so happy i was able to meet all of you.


ashley said...

my little brother is named tait, but has never been able to play the piano!
i love clover's dress- and yes! all of your gorgeous photos make me gush over where my little family is heading,
thank-you for your kind words as always missa,
xx ashley