Thursday, January 15, 2009

Flower Girls

I was SO excited to receive another wonderful Milla package full of amazing goodies over the weekend! This will be my final package from Finland as she is in the midst of preparing for her big move to the States, YAY!

The thought that, in theory, I will be able to drive to visit her somewhere is pretty exciting, granted it would involve traversing a few states, but still, the route up through Northern California, Oregon, and Washington is definitely up there on the list of ideal road trips and has been officially added to my vacation to-do list!

Of course, I absolutely adored every last item she sent, which included this wonderful vintage dress:

the dress

In its current state, the dress is way baggy on me but I think it should be pretty straight forward to take in the side seams so that I can wear it on its own come Spring.

flower girls

Until then, my solution is this little lacy knit cardigan acquired years ago from a local consignment shop combined with my shiny happy sequin belt from Salvos to make it appear a perfect fit! This outfit also happens to be 100% thrifted :)

The material is so soft and light, it's seriously like wearing vintage sheets! It may actually be a nightgown, I'm not sure, but I am sure that what makes it truly incredible is the hidden awesomeness that is revealed when taking a closer look at the swirly "floral" print:

Pretty psychedelic lady faces with swirling hair floating in flowers!!! Did I not tell you?!?! She knows me so well ;)

Also, my purple rose pendent from the swap I did with Skye is perfect with this dress :)

I love it! Thankyou Milla... you are the best!

P.S. As soon as this crazy warm January weather disappears, I've already put together an outfit involving that wonderful plaid wool item so stay tuned!


Sarah said...

It took me a minute to focus and see the faces, but wow! that's a great print. It looks lovely on you, what a lovely gift x

Eyeliah @ said...

h so lovely, I should start shopping (thrifting) and arrange some swapping. :-)

Marie said...

What a pretty dress! Love your blog, found you on Becky's Buttons blog.


Diane said...

What a thoughtful package put together for you... and all from Finland, no less!

Caroline said...

That print is wonderful!

Speaking of thrifted gifts...I've yet to send off your little bee. How rotten/embarrassing! It's on my to do list.

Hippy Chic said...

oh nice!! I really like the psychedelic lady faces!!!


Skye said...

You look so pretty there - sort of a more pretty version of Bonnie from Bonnie & Clyde!

Cookie said...

so cute:)

Alexa said...

okay i LOVE your chair.

Milla said...

Oh noes! I missed this post, glad you could make the nightie/dress work, it just instantly made me think of you. If we shall be lucky enough to visit one another this year, I'll help ya take it in.