Wednesday, January 28, 2009

100% Thrifted Pick of the Week (01.28.09)

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I am loving how trash.picker has paired these thrifted jeans with a lovely be-ribboned blouse and vintage t-strap pumps to achieve that perfect balance of laid-back and prim. I’m a huge fan of the casual/comfy-yet-interesting/stylish mode of dress and I think this outfit exemplifies that just beautifully.

The black bow ribbon and t-straps really pull the whole look together and that hint of green in the socks is a cute unexpected touch. The entire look is adorable, and being a “jeans girl” myself (dresses and skirts are fun and pretty and all, but I’ll probably always be most comfortable in a well worn pair of jeans :) I’m more than a little jealous of the great fit of this pair.

jeans at the thrift store,
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While I do love wearing jeans, I’ll admit that I find the jeans racks in thrift stores overwhelming and daunting and usually tend to avoid them completely. I hate that you can’t really scan the rack for the “right item” to jump out like you can with other clothing items.

That long wall of denim requires time and patience for sorting through in order to turn up the hidden gems. Unfortunately, time and patience happen to be two things in short supply while thrifting with a toddler. I know you other mamas know what I’m talking about.

I’m so inspired by this wonderful ensemble though, that I’m thinking I need to get Lucas to watch Clover one of these days so I can get out on my own for some thrifting time dedicated specifically to wrestling with the dreaded jeans rack. Hmm… I do have a birthday coming up… the perfect time to cash in!

P.S. – Things have been a little crazy around here lately with friends visiting from out of town, our house in shambles due to the major kitchen expansion and remodel which finally started (woohoo!), trying to fit some science-related consulting work in, and to top it all off Clover has come down with a nasty cold of the keep-you-up-at-night sort… hence the lack of posting. Hopefully things will calm down soon and I’ll be able to find some time for blogland again!


Skye said...

I don't even like jeans, but I always check out the racks anyway - there is some hidden gold in there!

I hope Clover feels better soon, so you can get some sleep (and new kitchen sounds very exciting!)

Sal said...

I'm always daunted by the jeans racks at vintage and thrift stores, too. But as a tried-and-true dark wash girl, I'm usually able to hone in ...

trash.picker is utterly fetching in this ensemble!

Diane said...

Absolutely LOVE trash.picker's look! This may inspire me to pull out of my v-neck tee and jeans "mom" look that drives me batty.

Best wishes on your kitchen re-do!

Hope little Clover is feeling better asap...

katiecrackernuts said...

I so agree with the time and patience required to go through the jeans rack. Why do people buy new? It's insane how much secondhand denim is out there.

Hippy Chic said...

Laid back chic is always nice! I really like the tucked in touch.

thevintageyear said...

Ugh, I totally agree with you about the jeans rack at the thrift stores! They are always so many and jeans look almost identical to one another... Plus you can never tell if jeans are going to fit well until you try them on! It's such a daunting task! But I wish you well if you do get a day to yourself to thrift jeans - let us know if you have a success!

Eyeliah @ said...

Great choice its such a shabby chic look. In regards to thrifting for jeans, I make sure when I look for jeans, that's ALL I do that day. It just takes so much time. I say dedicate 1 trip just to jeans. :-)

Mila said...

Hello sweetheart!
So sorry for the lack of comments and updates on my blog. I am really busy...studying, so that's a good thing.

I love that look of the girl, both the jeans and the blouse are perfect!

Hope you and your family are well!



Sonya said...

Ah, yes, the scary jam packed jeans area...I know exactly what you are talking about!

Hope it slows down a bit, I miss reading your Blog when you are not here! And of course hugs to Clover, to feel better.


ambika said...

100% agreed on your thrifting pick & the difficulty of thrifting jeans in general. I hope Clover feels better soon!

a cat of impossible colour said...

I get intimidated by the jeans racks too. I spent about an hour and a half scouring them before our trip at New Year's, but gave up in disgust - too much blue! Can't ... cope ... *explodes*.

thefashionmaven said...

all around awesome post! your review of this look is spot on and i really like hearing about why you choose your picks of the week. i totally know what you mean about the dreaded jeans rack - it's totally overwhelming for me too! health and happiness to you and yours - let us know when your birthday is coming up so we can send you birthday wishes :)