Tuesday, January 13, 2009

100% Thrifted Pick of the Week (1.13.09)

9 Jan 09, originally uploaded by acatofimpossiblecolour.
This week’s pick happens to be another story of a big frumpy dress happened upon by the right girl in a thrift store. While most of us probably would have passed this dress right by without a second look, kudos to Andrea for seeing its potential (though I happen to know that this girl has a bit of a thing for polka dots ;).

All it took to transform it into this vision of loveliness was a little shortening and belting. The red shoes were a really cute touch, and for me the icing on the cake is definitely the added bow in contrasting polka dots, just brilliant. I really like how it makes the solid white collar stand out. Well done Andrea, you are an inspiration!


a cat of impossible colour said...

Yay, I be famous! :D Thanks, Missa!

I have my polka-dot habit very much under control. I'm only popping two a day now.

Sal said...

Hooray for Andrea! Could she BE any cuter? I think not.

thefashionmaven said...

such a fabulous "makeover"!!! cute cute cute!

ps to missa -
thanks so much for your kindness- both my grandma and i are on our way to better days. you are a true sweetheart!

Diane said...

Perfection! I love the happiness of polka dots.

Home Girl said...

i heart polka dots toooo. outfit perfection going on here - i rekkon this is one to frame and pass down to the grandkids.

Anchibride said...

Beautiful and fabulous all around!