Friday, June 13, 2008

Lytton Springs

There is a five-building compound about 20 minutes north of my town on the 101 that is nestled among old growth oak trees and rolling hills. It is the most pastorally located Salvation Army (or thrift store of any kind for that matter) that I have ever witnessed. We call it Lytton Springs because that is the name of the Road and freeway exit that lead there.

I don’t make it out very often, mostly because of the drive and my laziness but it also can be a bit hit or miss as far as the merchandise goes. Even when I come home empty handed though, it’s always a fun thrifting adventure. Who wouldn’t love perusing old farm houses full of thrifty treasures in such a lovely setting? Last week I took a friend who had never been to check it out and snapped a few shots while we were there:

Here Clover and I are browsing through “Sallie’s Attic”, the little house on the right in the second pic.

Unfortunately, both the dreamcatcher and the vintage Ferragamos were priced way above what I was prepared to spend... so lovely none-the-less.

The majority of our time was spent in Sallie’s Clothing Barn, the largest of the buildings. I had pretty much scoured the place and come to the conclusion that this visit was going to be a “miss” when I found the most incredible hand-made vintage 60’s minidress tucked away in the middle of the girl’s clothing rack. The dress is a dream and for $2.50, soooo worth the drive! I’m planning to wear it tomorrow but until then I will leave you with a sneak peek: )


Anonymous said...

oooohh!!! that dress!!

sometimes when i'm thrifting and i come across something that good, i text-message my mother all the painful details about it AS i'm at the register, just to keep myself from spilling over with excitement to the clerk... i think i'm afraid they'll suddenly realize it was a mistake to sell it, and take it away from me.
sad but true.

a cat of impossible colour said...

That dress is STUNNING. Can't wait to see it on.

I have tagged you! :) Details are here: I'd be really interested to see what you come up with, if you have time. It's a cool one.

Karima said...

can't wait to see the dress in action!

Missa said...

Thanks girls!

Deaver: That's actually pretty cute that you text your mom the details. I will be thrilled if Clover someday texts (or uses some other crazy form of future technological comunication) to inform me of her thrifting details on the spot!

Andrea: Wow, that's a tough one. I'll give it some thought :)

Alexa said...

What a lovely area to go and thrift! It looks like a vacation, unlike where by local Salvation Army store is -- a strip mall :( And that DRESS! Oh my.

Jaya said...

How are you loving that dress? Getting a good score is so satisfying. I just blogged about my recent trip to Lytton Springs Salavation Army, too. That place is a kick!