Saturday, April 12, 2008


The new window displays are up at Sacks. Fantastic as usual. The theme of the first window is Vintage and the second is Art. I know they are a bit difficult to see with all the reflection, but the close up shots below turned out better, and for fun you can play "find Missa" in the reflections : ) hint: I'm wearing a white knit hat w/ two stripes and a pom pom.

The Vintage window is my favorite. Lots of neat old stuff and that sewing machine is pretty incredible. The pics can be enlarged for a better view.

The cover of this book is absolutely beautiful and the teeny floral painting would be a perfect addition to my budding collection of small paintings. I'll have to go back and see if anyone has reserved it yet.

You've just gotta love Vintage House Wife in her heels and pearls, vacuum in one hand... empty martini glass in the other... ahh, simpler times...

...and I do believe that IS the buffalo stance being thrown down by Chic Parisian Girl... aww yeah.


Milla said...

very cool! my mom used to be a window dresser back in the day and that always seemed like such a fun occupation to me.
I love, by the way, how you compose your shots.

Andrea Eames said...

What great window displays!

Missa said...

I know, aren't they great?
Thanks you two, I always love getting your comments.

princessmillatwoshoes - that's so cool that your mom was a window dresser. I agree, it seems like it would be a really fun job.

Sarah and Jack said...

Man, what a great window.