Friday, April 4, 2008


noun: miscellaneous objects and ornaments of little value.
- ORIGIN French, from obsolete à bric et à brac ‘at random’.

While I do love the clothes, nothing beats browsing through the Bric-A-Brac section at a thrift store. I think this is because the essence of thrifting is really all about the hunt and those moments when you find that random item, "of little value" to someone else, that just makes your heart sing. It's that rush of realizing the overlooked value in something and getting it for cheap that keeps us thrifters coming back. It wouldn't be as fun if we didn't have to search through all kinds of weird crap to find these items... that's why we call them treasures.

Anyway, my point is that with clothes there is still the searching through crap part, even more so as it requires physical labor on the part of the thrifter. However, in the end you know that you will end up with a shirt or a dress or whatever type of clothing is hanging on the rack you are wrestling with. In the Bric-A-Brac section however, the possibilities are virtually endless and all laid out for you to leisurely gaze upon. It's the never knowing what you will find aspect, the "à bric et à brac" if you will, that adds to the excitement.

While taking these shots for my Easter post, I discovered the joy of photographing Bric-A-Brac. So I went back to the Salvation Army with my camera:

And not only does Bric-A-Brac make fun fodder for still photography, check out this little gem:

Oh, those Dapper-Dressed Rabbits, they steal my heart every time...

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