Friday, April 18, 2008

Thrift Style Icon: Enid from Ghost World

I recently re watched the 2001 film Ghost World with Thora Birch as Enid the outsider art student. From her coke-bottle glasses to her combat boots, this girl is the epitome of what thrift style is all about, being unique and creative and most importantly having fun. With her flair for eclectic vintage and dry sarcastic wit she's definitely a girl after my own heart!

She was also the inspiration behind the much loved Luella Spring/Summer 08 collection:

Leaving you with this unedited version of the dazzling dance number from the 1965 Indian film Gumnaam, featured during the opening credits in Ghost World:

This makes me want a shiny dress layered with fringe and ruffles, in which to dance masked and with reckless abandon... SUCH MOVES!!!


a cat of impossible colour said...

I have never heard of Ghost World! Clearly I have been living under a rock. But now I shall definitely have to rent it :)

Missa said...

Yes, it's a great movie, you should definitely rent it!!!

Megan said...

I loved the dance video. Made me want to get away from the computer and shake what my mother gave me!
Enjoying your blog!

Missa said...

Thanks Megan, I love it too!

Christine Sanderson said...

Hello thrifty shoppers! A great way to save money on style is at! Happy 2010!