Friday, May 13, 2011

May Day! May Day!

May Day

This sweet little beauty of a dress was one of several vintage gems that came to me by way of a lovingly assembled, thoughtfully themed care package presented to me in person on this magical night by the lovely and wondrous spirit that is Heather :)

Her theme was Beachy Village, so lovely: “I was imagining music on an old wooden pier, blues & whites & lavender. Sand underfoot and a warm cresent moon smiling overhead.” *sigh*

I wore the dress to the May Day celebration at Clover’s preschool. It felt perfect for the occasion, and even reminded me of something I might have worn at her age.

Pearly Buttons

The delicate details: sheer puff sleeves, tiny pearl buttons, lace collar and trim, along with my girl picking flowers necklace (better view here), an old pre-blogging days thrift find.

Last years maypole involved a rainbow of paper streamers. This year, they stepped it up a notch with beautiful ribbons of fabric in sweet, springy patterns and colors.

May Day Mama

If you’re wondering where Clover is in most of these pictures, the answer is right here, attached to the hem of my dress. She was having one of those days.

Maypole Mayhem

There is nothing orderly about dancing around the maypole with a bunch of 2-4 year olds, it all inevitably ends in complete and utter maypole madness. Could this be where the term mayhem comes from, or perhaps the distress call "mayday! mayday!" ;)

Yeah, it seems I am not above a little mini-muffin bribery to get my girl to pose for me with one of her besties. Clover’s pal Lillia, who you’ve seen before, most recently dying eggs with Clover in her backyard, is the daughter of friends of ours. These two were born only two weeks apart.

Skyward Wound

As I was in the middle of taking a picture of the maypole, this little sweetheart came up and tugged on my dress. When I stopped and looked down at her, she looked up at me with sparkles in her eyes and a big smile on her face and said “You’re beautiful.” Oh my goodness, talk about heart-melting! Of course I informed her of her own beauty, and then snapped this shot : )

Birthday Girl

Wee cupcakes and lemonade in the play yard to celebrate the birthday of yet another of Clover’s besties, Maiya, our little girl next door.

Then it was off into the neighborhood with a red wagon full of colorful little handmade paper baskets. Each filled by the kids with fresh picked flowers to brighten some lucky neighbors day.

The kids had so much fun marching up to set baskets down on each doorstep and then running off to hide before the door was answered so they could all jump out and scream Happy May Day!

Of course the neighbors get such a kick out of these smiling little faces showing up at their doorstep with flowers every year. This guy’s reaction was especially sweet and touching. It seems this old fashioned May Day tradition brings joy to all involved.

I hope your May Day involved flowers, smiles, and joy this year as well!


Crystal Lee said...

I would love for a bunch of cute kids to drop flowers off at my door. What a precious & charming holiday! You & Clover look adorable, as do all the little ones.

Teeny said...

Your getting to be quite the clever photographer Missa! Those kids are beautiful aren't they, and that old fella blowing kisses! my almost 7 year old boy went to his first school disco last night, i told one of the little girls there (a rather eccentric button who usually dresses a little like a Victorian orphan, but last night looked more like a princess) that she looked beautiful, and her smile was so wide and full it lit the universe I swear! In fact, she was dressed a little like you! You look lovely btw.

Cel said...

Aw, that little girl who came up to you... so sweet! Those kids are all so cute. I love this flowers for the neighbours tradition... I'm glad people still do this! :)

moonshinejunkyard said...

aw yay! what a spring rose you are in that dress, i'm so glad she fits you like starshine. having a wee girl child around must be so wonderful for mayday. that maypole was basically my DREAM MAY POLE! every year i swear i am going to make one but it hasn't happened yet. your neighborhood darlings know how to do may day right! so much love and spring goodness to you girls, mhuah!

Milla said...

Awwww! This whole post is just so sweet. You are so beautiful and what a little darling that girl is. From the mouths of babes...

Picking flowers and taking them to the neighbors is an amazing idea! Your neighborhood is so dear, with all the moms coming up with these wonderful home-made traditions. The look on that old guys face makes my heart ache and my eyes mist up. I bet the little folk made his week. I bet the neighbourhood feels a little better in general, after this little episode, a little more tight-knit, a little sunnier, a little friendlier. Everybody needs to do stuff like this more often.

I love your and Clover's little matching frocks, I bet you were the prettiest momma there. Happy spring time hug. And tell Mexico Missa I wanta see some pictorial evidences (blurry shots of the ceiling if need be ;)

Andrea said...

I love the maypole! and your outfits :) It's always late autumn in may here, so no spring may day, but lots of gorgeous autumn leaves.

sally said...

seeing your may day makes up for mine not involving anything special this year! everything about it looks idyllic and oh so sweet! my mom and i used to leave flowers for both of my grandmas and do the doorbell-run-away thing...i absolutely loved it! and i bet they did too. i love that your neighborhood still follows this tradition!

Violet Folklore said...

Awww, that man is soooo precious! There is something so primal about celebrating on these days, that is lost to so many people in contemporary culture. I like to think that he celebrated it as a kid and then mabe not with his own children and that this brought back a flood of memories.

The story about the little girl telling you you're beautiful is so sweet!

And you do indeed look darling in that dress. Honestly I don't remember it being that cute! Sho nuff is though.

I love seeing Clover with her besties!

Mrs. Habit said...

Gosh, Clover's school looks like such a cool, magical little place. The idea of celebrating May Day, for instance, seems totally unique to me. I don't know of any that do the same here.

That dress and your sandals are beautiful. You look great in that color blue. Happy May, Missa!

Nicky said...

Too stinkin' adorable... all of it (especially you with a puff sleeved dress and salt water sandals!) I'm so happy Clover has little pals on your street! Olivia's little pal who was 3 weeks older just moved away. They were inseparable (but the little girls party is this weekend so they'll be reunited, at last!!!) :D Happy Mayday to you- looks like a fun time!

flaming hag folkwear said...

I love May Day, mostly for reasons like the scenes in all your photos :)
The adorable little gal was right--you are beautiful!
Hope you all are staying cozy amidst this oddly timed little visit from old man winter.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

goodness that dress is so pretty on you and I love the design on it too. I'd love to wear a dress like that. I think the maypole dancing is so cute!!!