Friday, May 6, 2011

Hippety Hoppity...

I know, just when you thought for sure the Easter posts were over, right? ;) Well, not just yet!

Our Easter festivities actually began on Saturday when we spent the afternoon with friends at their home, dying eggs in the backyard, having an egg hunt for the kids, and meeting NINE new baby chicks. It's crazy to think that ours were this small just last Spring!

While the papas helped the kids with some traditional egg dying, there was a new method that I had just heard about and was eager to try.

It turns out, if you wrap an egg in a piece of printed silk (I picked up a tie at the thrift store) with the print side against the egg, then overwrap with a piece of plain white sheet material, and boil/simmer the wrapped eggs in a mixture of water and vinegar, the pattern on the silk will transfer onto the egg! So easy and they turn out looking super cool. I followed the instructions found here.

We got up bright and early Sunday morning to head across the street to my sister-in-law’s house for Easter breakfast with a big group of neighbors and family. They’ve got a very fancy espresso machine and know how to use it (my sister-in-law used to own and run a small coffee shop), so homemade lattes at their house are the real deal!

Clover was given and amaranth seed planted in a dyed egg shell. I thought this was such a fun idea and once it sprouts, it can be planted right into the ground egg and all. I loved the little bunny egg cups made from egg cartons too.

Looking out the kitchen window into their backyard, where the big egg hunt was soon to take place.

Entering the Garden
Clover looking rather tiny under the massive bamboo poles leading into their garden.

And they're off!

With a little help from her older cousin Vida, Clover did a wonderful job of filling up her basket.

The confetti-filled eggs were quite literally a smashing success!

Leaving smiles on the kids’ faces and the ground covered in tiny bits of candy-colored paper.

Easter Outfit
Following party number one, we made it back home just long enough to take an outfit photo. The day started off a bit cold and even drizzley at times, so with the busy day ahead, I ended up ditching my plan to get all gussied up in a perfect little Spring dress recently given to me by Heather, and just went the easy route with jeans and rainboots instead. As for the dress from Heather, it ended up being completely perfect for celebrating May Day, so you’ll be seeing it soon :)

At least I fancied things up a little bit with some lovely (all recently gifted) pieces: the gorgeous blouse was sent by Amber along with the moccasins that I purchased from her shop, the necklace (a Flaming Hag Folkwear original) was a gift from Nicole, and my sister-in-law Zoe had thrifted me this lovely shrug thingy with embroidered birds on it just a few days before.

With the blouse being pretty much sleeveless, the shrug made for a perfect little cover-up until the sun came out.

And come out it finally did, as we arrived at party number two, which took place where Clover goes to pre-school (aka the farm).

Mmmm, pretty cake. There was quite a spread to be enjoyed and even a guy in a chef’s hat cooking up made-to-order omelettes with fresh eggs straight from the coop! Clover took note of his hat and asked me why there was a baker at the party. I’m pretty sure she had these guys in mind when she asked ;)

Little girls in flight on the “birdie swing” hanging from the oak tree mama and papa were married under.

Clover and her cousins Vida, Lucia, and Fiona had lots of fun while looking pretty adorable on the teeter-totter in their Easter dresses.

Fun For All Ages
Just as the big egg toss was about to get underway out in the field though, it was already time for us to pry Clover off the see-saw and move on to our next Easter engagement. It was a seriously action packed day.

Next stop, my mom's house...

Where there was yet MORE egg dying, fun with MORE of Clover’s cousins, and you guessed it, ANOTHER egg hunt!

By this time, I was getting a little lazy with the picture taking, but I did snap one of this ridiculously cute framed photo that my sister Val took of her two youngest daughters, Riley and Alana.

Mom <3
I also got my lovely mom to let me take some shots of her tattoos. Would you believe she’s turning 60 this summer?! She just got her first tattoo like two years ago, the one above, she loves hummingbirds :)

She surprised us with her second, this beautiful mandala on her back, having had it done only a few days before. Yeah, she’s a pretty hip mama ;)

Speaking of pretty hip mamas, we then stopped by Lucas’ mom’s house and had dinner with her and her husband at our favorite Mexican spot down the street. By this time I was done with picture taking, but of course I couldn't resist a shot of Clover hangin’ with Buddha out in grandma’s front yard on Easter, I guess she didn't want him to feel left out ;)

...and that, in an eggshell my friends, was our crazy busy Easter :)


nicole said...

omigosh, that was one busy (but beautiful!) day. sounds about like mother's day will be for us this weekend, just without the eggs....

the necklace is lovely on you, i am glad that you are enjoying it. that bird shrug is precious. you look beautiful!

happy mother's day!

flaming hag folkwear said...

oops, that was me in the comment above (just logged in differently...).

i did forget to mention how lovely your mother's tattoos are, and how inspiring it is that she came to them in her own time and on her own terms :)

Teeny said...

Mama! mama! mama! You and your mama are HOT mamas! She looks great. And I think you wear those jeans extremely well, and that shrug is sweetness. You really had an amazing Easter friend, I especially like the silk 'tiedye' eggs, they are beautiful. Our easter was much more lowkey and about putting my babies outside in the hammock to munch on their chocolate. The farm pre-school is so flippin awe-inspiring, just magical. Lookin forward to reading more from you Missa.

Teeny said...

Hey, we're commenting at the same time! Must be late where you are! I'm about to put the babes to bed. Sigh of relief.

Anonymous said...

wowzers, what a lovely, fun, magical, heart-melting day you had! i am so inspired by all the earthy goodness (a farm preschool? hold on a sec, i have to go pack our bags cuz we're movin' up THERE.). no wonder, in seeing your mom...the apple must not have fallen far from the tree. love love the silk tie dye, confetti and eggshell seedlings. what a beautiful world you live in missa. i'm so happy to have made your acquaintance and am looking forward to reading more. happy mother's day!

moonshinejunkyard said...

oh missa what a jam packed day full of family fun! you have the best neighborhood on earth. i love how the yards are so spacious! all those kids running around in their easter clothes; what a treat. i never heard of the confetti eggs until this year; you guys are the second family i've read about with that tradition, so fun!

your eggs turned out gorgeous. i wonder if that dyeing technique works on other things? it's beautiful and so clever.

your mom rocks!!! i think if i ever get a tattoo it will be when i'm older. she looks so glamorous and confident. her hummingbird is the sweetest.

well i bet you slept well after that day! clover too! what a cutie. she has a charmed life :)

much springtime love on the california breeze to you all!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

awww your mom looks so happy and I love her tattoos. My mom is 61 and looks good for her age too. hehe.

I love your silk tie idea so much!! that is really interesting and I never heard of that!!

Violet Folklore said...

Your mom is the coolest! What a lucky lady (or, more accurately, a deserving lady) to be surrounded by so many of her own beautiful descendants all the time. Such a full life you all live there.

That egg dyeing tip is definitely the best ever. They look amazing, and so simple! I am doing that from now on.

You look so adorable! (Can't wait for the May Day post to see the dress on you!). Suuzi just gave me a white blouse very much like that blue one, so glad to see you wearing it.

And, um, I'm gonna need that shrug ;-) Okay not that exact one but, is there a label on it? I love the fit, the drape of it. What key words could I use searching for such a garment?

One last thing- I love the photo of the 4 kids on the teeter-totter, so sweet.

Cel said...

Those silk-dyed eggs are super cool! I kind of want to try this just to get myself some groovy decor... If I found the right funky silk pattern it could be out of this world cool.

And your mother does NOT look 60. She seems like a really cool lady, her tattoos are so beautiful.

Milla said...

Bird swings, birds on your shoulders, hummingbirds on your mom's, lovely eggs in silk (what an awesome trick!), little Clover with Buddha, what a perfec day. The teeter-toter shot is amazing, straight out of secret garden or something (maybe minus the sneaks). I love the Farm, I wish there was a place like that here for all the sweet kiddos I know. They just seem to have a really fun, creative approach, free ranging little people ;D
Your momma looks so pretty, just like you. Or is it vice-versa...