Thursday, April 14, 2011

Go and Sing to the Mountain, Go and Sing to the Moon

Dressed to Dance

My outfit for a very special Sunday evening… a favorite floral frock (thrifted) and my glorious new Minnetonka Moccs from my girl Amber’s magical Etsy shop of beautiful bohemian wonders, Violet Folklore! I promise a better view of these lovelies in my next outfit post. Of course I topped it all off with my favorite hair accessory, the lovely leather leaf clip made by my darling Millakin!

Now, why was my Sunday evening so special, you ask?…

Moonsong sisters reunite! My lovely ladykins, Heather and Amber, picked me up following a long drive out from the foothills and we were off for an incredible night full of beer drinking, soul-nourishing music and dancing, and all-around fun-filled sisterly shenanigans at Hopmonk Tavern in Sebastopol!

Our evening began with a tasty double IPA which we toasted with love to our dear Milla, who we held close in spirit throughout the night. So much so that it was as if she were right there with us at times… turns out she was up on the stormy shores of her island doing just the same :)

Heather brought Amber and I the most thoughtfully assembled gift bags full of all manner of treasures which we opened together as the sun went down on the biergarten… so much thrifty gifty goodness… it will need a post all its own!

Heather has already described this evening so perfectly. Rather than try to improve upon perfection, I’m just gonna show some of my pics from our jubilant night and direct you on over to her post (if you haven’t already been) for all the glorious details…

…not to mention, several more classy bathroom outfit shots!

Ah, Elephant Revival, the band whose blissful music is responsible for bringing us girls back together so soon! I will also send you over to Milla’s post for her beautiful portrayal (she saw them play just the Sunday before!) of this band that is so dear to her heart, and for such good reason as we now know from experience! On with the pics…


The three of us danced unabashedly front and center the entire time they played! Completely caught up in our gleeful haze, it wasn’t until near the end of the show, when Bonnie began wooing us all with her beautiful saw playing (she also plays the washboard and has a voice straight from the heavens, by the way) that I realized I hadn’t taken any pictures and rushed over to grab my camera.

Instruments of Beauty

There was plenty of fiddle wooing going on by the lovely Bridget as well :)

Such a wonderful show it was!

Completely smitten, we reeled the lovely Bridget and Bonnie into our happy little group after the show with some girl talk in the ladies room, followed by…

A lively little impromptu Tom Waits dance party!

We all got hugs from the girls, then reluctant to end our perfect evening…

Hung around a bit longer and were treated to Dango’s spirited story of how he came by his beautiful antique stand-up bass... it’s all in Heather’s post, along with a bonus image of Amber expressing her heart-felt appreciation for said beauty of a bass ;)

Oh, what an unforgetable night! SO MUCH FUN!!!


Alexa said...

Looks like so much fun! I've only had impromptu Tom Waits dance parties at home, this makes me consider taking it on the road ;)

Unknown said...

I like folk music..
was that the similar?

nice pics;) blessing

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Violet Folklore said...

Woohooooo! I love this shot you and Heather both got of you and I snuggling up with our slurry, end-of-night faces :-)

The photo of Brigit and Bonnie and (Dango?) onstage is beautiful. I'm glad you got up there for some shots.

Okay we are so funny. Tipsy giddy girls with big music-opened hearts and killer stomping boots just pulling everyone into our little world with our over enthusiastic... enthusiasm. We all MUST go see them again when next they are here!

Milla said...

Oooh! Ooooh! Pictures of all the five of you dancing warm my heart and I love that shot of Bonnie and her saw (wink wink). Did you bring your fancy pants camera? The pics look really good. That band huddle shot is really adorable and I swear I could see you ladies twirl around in my mind's eye that eve. What a wonderful night, I feel like I've been there now.

You better squeeze in some posts before Mexico. Oh and are you gonna be around when (our other) Brigit comes down? I'm living vicariously through you all.

Milla said...

Next time they come there Imma gonna hitch a goddamn ride down to dance with you! Pinkie-swear.

Cel said...

That first photo of you is just so lovely. I adore seeing you all so happy together!

Andrea said...

Looks like you lovely ladies had a blast! With all the rave revues for this band, it is definitely on the top of my "need to check out" list!

moonshinejunkyard said...

yeeeeeehaw it makes me happy to go back to that night!!! what a madcap joyful glee we experienced!
so glad you captured our post-show tw twirlings. maybe you'll have to tell him the story in mexico ;)

can't wait for the next big event that brings us together! oh yeah, and i am trying to scheme a way to come to sebastopol when brigit is there; unfortunately it is the week of many weddings for me including my mama's, but we shall see.

thanks for the little dance party in my heart!!!

Teeny said...

i love that you moonsong sisters are going to keep on catching up and letting us in on your magical moments. You're all glowing happy in these pics Missa! beautiful.

sally said...

sweetness all around! <3

flaming hag folkwear said...

You all look so lovely and happy. I am so glad you had so much fun!