Friday, October 19, 2012

Wearing and Growing


Beaded top: Indian tunic, thrifted and shortened by me
Silk skirt w/ brass buttons: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted


I followed Milla's lead last weekend and finally got down to business with a long overdue closet cull. It felt good to go through it all, get rid of things that I just wasn't wearing, store the ones I decided to hold on to, swap out the spring/summer items with the fall/winter ones (though this has felt a bit premature with temps reaching the 90's here lately!), and just take general stock of what was actually there on those overstuffed shelves and doubled up hangers.

Turns out it's so much easier to shop your own closet when things are organized and readily accessible. So for this outfit, shop my closet I did, and put together some items that had been lost in the sartorial shuffle. Pretty basic, simple lines with a bit of shine... silver beads, brass buttons, metallic woven leather.


I thrifted this top in the form of an Indian tunic with long slits up the sides. I fell for the beading and the diamond cutout. To make it feel a bit more wearable though, after months of not wearing it, I decided to try shortening it and got as far as cutting and pinning, before it went to the sewing bag where it had been sitting... indefinitely... as things do in the sewing bag.

It wasn't until my sister came over with a curtain she needed help hemming that I actually pulled it out. Heck, I'd already dusted off the sewing machine and read the manual to re-figure out how to wind the bobbin and all that jazz. It says something about the frequency of my sewing that I require the manual each time I start up a new project.

Anyhoo, it's much more wearable now, especially after rediscovering that I own it.

Now, for something completely different...


Have you ever heard of a tree collard? No? Well, you would not be alone. Maybe a year ago Lucas read about them somewhere and we thought, "Wow, greens from a tree? How cool would that be?" Haha, Dr. Suess moment... but really, these things will grow for many years and become tree size, they're evergreen, and apparently the leaves are even more palatable than actual collard greens and can be plucked from the tree to eat raw or cooked as you would kale or other such greens! Neat, eh?


Turns out they're not likely to be readily available at your local nursury though, so we were pretty excited when Lucas stumbled upon some for sale at the National Heirloom Exposition. They say to give it about a year to get established before beginning to harvest. Also, they don't seed often or grow true from seed, but are easily propagated from cuttings. They say to take cuttings between year one and year two, to make more plants for yourself or to share with others before the plant becomes woody which makes cuttings harder to get.

We're looking forward to being able to harvest and make new plants next Fall, I'll let you know how it goes, and if you're interested, you can learn more about this cool veggie tree here :)


Milla said...

I'm first! I'm first! I better type with warp speed. Outfit: love! Love love love! All the little touches that come together, oh my. Wardrobe culling: uuummm teleporter please? Can we add that to our growing list of things to invent. Needless to say that a Missa wardrobe clean-up is where I want to be. I'm glad it was fruitful. I culled a little and then went to the fair and bartered to my heart's content so that now I have a whole new s-ton of clothes. Collard tree? Between this and Sadie's sesame seeds color me excited about the new season. Hey did Lucas ever score any hops yet?

Milla said...

hahahaha! I did it! I don't know why it's so satisfying, but I guess being the first commentator reminds of the golden days when I had you all to myself...

Milla said...

wow. I sound like such a brat. but who cares? I'm first! I'm first! (and second and third!)

moonshinejunkyard said...

haha, just yesterday suuzi said the exact same thing about sewing! How if you don't practice a lot you basically have to relearn each time you sit down. i'm behind even that, i have to have my mom come over and show me! well you did a beautiful job and i love the close up of the neckline, the whole outfit is a pretty crossover for summer/fall what with these crazy hot days we've still got!

as for the greens tree, cool! since darin's favorite food is greens i'd be interested in getting a plant next fall if it's working out. can't wait to see how it goes. i'm going to read more about them now.

good to see you this morning :)

Missa said...

Haha! Milla, your little barrage of comments will have me smiling all day :) No hops yet. I don't think Lucas is as keen on growing them as I am, so it'll probably be up to me. Hence, no hops yet.

Heather, can't wait to hear about your day with Amber and Suuzi and the babes! Wish I could have joined. You guys can totally get a cutting from our tree when it's time :)

Love you girls!

Ginela Gonzalez said...

Congratulations on your blouse and greens tree! I might look at any future indian tunics as a possible sewing project from now on that you've done that hahah, it's a great idea. I love the soft creamy color on it too. And hey the skirt didn't get much attention in the post! I thought it was perfect :)
I will look up that green tree aswell, thank you for the information and well wishes to your family and your new tree!
Peace & Love
-Ginela Gonzalez

Anonymous said...

for some reason, your shiny shoes really make me smile. i think it's because i love metallic shoes, but always wonder if it's really cool as i think it is. so now that you're wearing them, that proves it. totally cool. as is your sewing job, and i love the understated shiny theme through the whole outfit.

had no idea about the greens tree, but i'm smitten!! may i be put on the list for a cutting? i'll have to wait tho, until i'm rooted somewhere for a while.

big loves to you. imma gonna send you an email soon, hoping our paths will cross with incoming bloggy friends. xoxo

Janet said...

missa, that is such a nice outfit.. elegant, yet simple at the same time.. :) the tree is awesome!! i love greens, too.. i had them for supper tonight.. i hope you manage to get a large bounty of greens from your tree..

Teeny said...

i'm a coming back here tomorrow to comment mkay. right now i gotta go to bed, but I'll be back. x

Andrea said...

Funny! I had the same idea. I love what you put together from your closet-- and a fantastic idea to hem up those tunics!

Also, thank you for sharing this collard tree. I had never heard of it. Doug has been really into these plants as well lately and we've accumulated a few similar type "bushes" or trees with edible leaves... moringa, cranberry hibiscus, chaya (spinach tree). Very exciting to learn of this one! Can't wait to share with D.

Teeny said...

Told you I'd be back. Well, as to your tree, I'm a little despondent about our garden right now, in my mind i have enthusiasm, but in real life it is looking so hard to get started again! Argh. Anyway i will do, as i love tomatos and cukes way too much. I like your shiny leather shoes, they are so cute. And the blouse is sweet too. You are a graceful dresser you are. xo

Mrs. Habit said...

I've been doing the same - weeding through the unworn in my closet mess these past couple weeks. I still have a ways to go, but it does make a difference as far as picking out outfits in tidier confines.

also, I can't say enough how much I adore this particular outfit. It's something I would wear, and love.
That shirt is gorgeous.

p.s: it always takes me multiple times to publish comments here. the codes are so hard. or is it just me?

flaming hag folkwear said...

i love your top (so much better than if it were a long tunic! gotta love the magic of sewing). between stock and my own closet, i've been culling something fierce since leaving the brick and mortar. i have recently discovered that i have reached a point of saturation with clothing that leaves me indifferent about new acquisitions. it is beautiful. even when i do the vintage expo, the things i love just remind me of something i already have so i can go shop my closet when i get home. the only thing better if a bunch of us lived closer and could shop each others closets ;-)

Jeannine said...

I love this outfit! What a great idea with the Indian tunic. I'm constantly finding these at thrift shops but rarely get them even if I love the fabric or some other element. Now you've given me a great idea for the next time I fall in love with one!