Friday, September 21, 2012

Heirloom Afternoon


It ain't a bad week in suburbia when you can walk within 10 minutes of your front door to the top of a downtown parking garage for a mustache and bicycle-themed art and music event, then just days later go for another short afternoon stroll to find yourself at the "World's Fair of the pure food movement"!


"Um Lucas, I'm gonna need you to take my picture in front of this mountain of squash, K?"

"Oh boy, here we go..."


Can you believe it's already bio-regional swap time again? Yay! The dress that I wore was one of many magical treasures gifted to me by the lovely and amazing Anne who I was lucky enough to get as my swap partner last year. Whoever got her this year, I'll tell you right now, you're stoked.

Considering how this dress came to me, I can't imagine a better backdrop than a giant towering pyramid of beautiful homegrown heirloom squash :)


Giant pumpkins and a giant tree man helped Clover get over the grumpy mood she started off in.


Some fun kids activities helped too.


Oh yes, two peas in a pod we are :)


Making warm fuzzy friends with cool blue eyes.


Speaking of fuzzy friends, our girl goes bonkers for this sort of thing. She knows there's a person in there, but still she gets SO EXCITED. It's really fun to watch.


These kind folks did some pretty magical things with popcorn and a VAST array of natural flavorings. Clover munched on a pesto/garlic oil/parm combo while Lucas and I sampled some kind of jalapeno/honey/chocolate/mole concoction that was super yummy and had quite a kick.


Raised awareness around honeybees, their plight as it relates to chemicals and GMO crops, and holistic approaches to their stewardship in general were a big topic.


The "Sun Hive," an alternative bee nest made from rye straw.


Sunshine and the yodeling sounds of Sourdough Slim.


As I was taking a picture of this Clover Stornetta ad on the side of a truck, a woman passed by and said "You're not from Sonoma County are you?" "Well, as a matter of fact lady, I'm so Sonoma County, I named my kid after this cow."

Haha, I'm totally kidding, I didn't say that, nor is my child the namesake of a local dairy brand, though we do have fun with it and she really does adore that cow. Especially at parades and events where someone is walking around in the suit!


Oh, those honeybees, they do so love their Clover ;)

In addition to all the cool exhibits and things to wander around and look at, there were also films and speakers over the 3 day event that would have been really interesting to have checked out. Both Lucas and I wished we'd planned better, unfortunately, heading over there on a whim on the last day with our four year old didn't so much allow for it. Next year though.

As a "not-for-profit event centered around the pure food movement, heirloom vegetables, and anti-GMO activism," the National Heirloom Exposition felt especially timely with Prop 37 on the horizon here in California. I for one am looking forward to the opportunity in November to vote YES on this crucial ballot measure that would require genetically modified foods to be labeled as such.

Lots of good reasons to pass Prop 37 can be found here, but really the bottom line comes down to reason #27: Consumers have a right to know whether or not they are eating GMOs. I mean, don't we? Am I missing something? If, as Monsanto and the corporate food industry would have us believe, GM foods are A'Ok, then why the secrecy?

On that note I'll leave you with this 30 min documentary film that was screened at the expo. It follows the story of seed, and in doing so, does a nice job of shedding light on why all is NOT A'Ok with the proliferation of GM crops. I learned some things, maybe you will too.

Seeds of Freedom from The ABN and The Gaia Foundation on Vimeo.


Milla said...

The best! I love that you're posting the seeds of freedom, I love your dress, your arrow necklace, the mound of squash, the sun hive! Man I've been kinda bummed all day and this post is like a ray of sunshine in my world. Love you! Oh and I'm the first commentator ;)

Milla said...

also, I'm fully enjoying the increased pace of logging on your part. Bring it.

mmgood said...

aw, you went to the expo! yay! i almost went, but then lost track of it and also felt like i wasn't sure it would have been worth the trek. looks like it def would have, from the looks of miss clover-not-a-cow there. i also would've loved to have met up, so let's put it on the calendar for next year? there's so much goodness in the post, i feel nourished. :)

you are a smashing pumpkin in that dress from anne. although, i have to admit i thought of fern in that environment and immediately envisioned an avalanche. ha! i am adoring the first pic and the peas in the pod. those are total keepers. also, is that hive for beekeeping? can you imagine how happy one's bees would be if that was their house?

i recently heard a rep from monsanto speaking very 'rationally' about why the opposition to prop 37...they don't want their "safe" gmo foods labeled, because it spreads 'misinformation' and gives people the wrong idea, that something might be wrong with gmos. which, uh, duh monsanto, that's sorta the point.

thanks for sharing this lovely day. happy equinox!

Teeny said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. You live in a rad place Missa. I love how having kids means we can always take photos in cut out hole pictures.they always crack me up. Seeya pretty lady. xo

anne said...

my first thought was, "ooh, cute dress!" haha i forgot i gave it to you :D

this looks like a super fun event. that hill of squashes is amazing. i'll be watching the documentary when i get a chance :D

Unknown said...

Hey, I'm new to the blogging world(!), but I've been silently following your blog for a little while now. So I'm coming out of my hidey hole, haha! :) I wanted to tell you that I've loved reading what you've had to say - and getting to know your gorgeous personality that shines out (which seems a strange thing to say as you don't know who I am). This one is a great and satisfyingly long post. Love, love, love the gigantic pumpkin pile and your outfit is great! Wonderful colours. Sorry if this seems a little strange, just wanted to say hi! Xxx.

Missa said...

Hi Gemma, not strange at all, I'm glad you said hello! It's always fun to "meet" those who are reading :)

Thanks so much for your sweet comment and welcome to the world of blogging!

Janet said...

missa, all of these pictures are so great. :) it looks like such a wonderful time.. :) the squash are awesome. yes, i would have had to have gotten my picture made in front of the huge pile, as well.:) fun, fun :)

Alexa said...

Man, I need to live where you do! The best we can get is a farmer's market around here. And I love Clover the cow.