Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Wedding Photographer


I played wedding photographer back in June for Emmy, the eldest daughter of Liz (Clover’s former pre-school teacher). The wedding took place on “the farm” where Emmy grew up and where Lucas and I got hitched nine summers ago. She was just a kid at our wedding, maybe 11 or 12. Ours was the first farm wedding, to be followed soon after by one of Lucas’ sisters and then, years later, his mom. In fact, this was the first farm wedding in which no one from Lucas’ family was getting married!

I was asked to be the official unofficial wedding photographer of sorts and gladly accepted. They did hire a professional to stop by and do some posed portrait type shots, which I was thankful for, as that sort of thing is not really where my comfort zone lies. Wandering around capturing details and spontaneous moments is what I love.

True to form, I gave them the first half of the photos including the ones from the ceremony in a timely manner, but months later just recently finished editing the rest, see I don't just do this with blog posts!

Ha, stay tuned for such posts as the second half of our summer road trip, a magical spring weekend at the Northern California Women's Herbal Symposium, my big 40th birthday bash last winter, or heck, maybe even the second half of our Mexico trip two years ago... see, I procrastinate wildly, I don't forget ;)

In the meantime, while they are fresh off the presses, so to speak, I thought I'd share a few details and spontaneous moments from the second half of Emmy and Anas' special day.



Janet said...

and what an amazing photographer, you are, missa!!! that is the style of photography i love, as well, when i am taking pictures of people.... right there, in the moment, as they are being themselves and capturing their natural state... the pictures are all so good!!! you captured the wedding so beautifully. it looks like it was a wonderful wedding. LOL at the "late" posts, for i feel that i am going to be the same way with mine. :) i am looking forward in seeing all of the upcoming posts that you will have... speaking of which, i just did my first outfit post, too. it was fun. yeah, i think i am really going to like doing those, as well and i really enjoying seeing all of the wonderful outfit posts out there, too.

moonshinejunkyard said...

these are gorgeous! the ones of the kids on the seesaw...amazing! first of all, the see saw itself, and then the little girls' dresses and the hanging lanterns and the pure fun! and the way you did that one with the moonlight...did you use flash? whatever you did it is fresh and unique and i love it. your style of photography is exactly what i love to see, the details, the moments, the light and the movement and the preparations and greetings and laughter. what a pretty wedding in every way. oh how i love the farm. every community of friends and families needs a farm like that for gatherings and parties and weddings!

Nichole said...

i love the shot of the kids under the moon! you are fantastically talented, thank you so much for posting!!

Tammie said...

love these photos! and what a gorgeous couple!!

anne said...

beautiful photos and wedding! the farm certainly looks like the ideal wedding venue. i bet it was fun to be the photographer! i love the picture of the four girls walking and the seesaw...what fun for the kids! actually, i kinda want to go on it too :D

Alexa said...

Beautiful! You take after your dad: amazing shots.

Milla said...

Wowzers, girl your papa would be so proud of his photographer daughter. Like father like daughter it seems. That pic of the kiddos on the teeter-toter is beauteous and so are you. Hot damn girl. And hey procrastination shcmocrastination. Love ya.

Crystal Lee said...

Oh these photos are lovely. So thoughtful and really convey a happy time. The first photo with the sun hitting your hair is just gorgeous.

Sadie Rose said...

what a wonderful wedding dress! love these.

mrs. habit said...

OH my gosh these shots are gorgeous Missa!!! Nice work- and you're looking adorable yourself, I might add!

Nicky said...

Missa that last comment was from me! Jessica was logged onto my computer last night :D xo

Tera said...

Wow! Truly amazing photos. You also made use of the "magic hour" lighting just before sundown. I love these and especially of bride and groom dancing. You captured magic <3