Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wedding on the Farm

Ok, ready for a little time travel? We're going back to this time last month, the weekend I first started coming down with my dreaded cough to be exact. As I mentioned, during my time away from Blogland, there were several blog-worthy events that occurred. The first being my mother-in-law Oosa's beautiful wedding.

Remember back when I went wedding dress shopping with her? Well, you finally get to see the amazing dress she found in action!

Wedding on the Farm

Obviously, that's not it, haha. That's the adorable vintage dress that my sister Val gifted me straight from her very own closet to wear for the occasion. I tried it on to borrow and it was such a perfect fit that she said I could keep it, awesome sis, right? It's the sweetest dress and I just adore it.

Val was also in attendance as the official photographer and spent her time at this wedding behind the camera. She then got married herself the very next weekend! You'll be seeing plenty of her in my next catch up post :)

The wedding was a bit surreal for us because it took place on the same farm where Lucas and I got married seven years ago (bringing back lots of memories) and where Clover now attends preschool (when we arrived, she was like “Mama, where are all the kids?”).

Mr. and Mrs. Scarecrow all decked out in bride and groom attire at the entrance were one of many parallels with our own wedding.

Wedding on the Farm

Oosa was such a radiant bride, absolutely glowing! Val took this photo in front of a mural painted on one of the walls in the bedroom that was used to prep for the ceremony. I love how her hair blends with the mountains in the background.

Wedding on the Farm

Lucas’ sister Kelcie putting the final touches on the bouquet she made for her mom.

Kelcie’s oldest daughter Chiara wore her aunt Zoe’s dress that Kelcie hand-made for her sister's wedding over 15 years ago, even the lace work was done by hand!

Wedding on the Farm

As you can see, the dress was gorgeous on our lovely niece Chiara. She and our nephew Jonathan were also in our wedding, though just little kids at the time.

Wedding on the Farm

This little kid was pretty excited about her very first flower girl gig :)

Wedding on the Farm

Wedding on the Farm

Clover did such a great job leading off the procession of grandchildren with her cousin Fiona. Her dress is one that has been handed down through the cousins and once belonged to Vida in the polka dot dress in the back. So many adorable dresses making their way through the girls of this family!

Wedding on the Farm

And of course the dress we've all been waiting for, doesn’t it look beautiful on her? Geoff, the groom, was visibly blown away (and rightly so!) as Lucas walked his mom up to her husband-to-be. I don’t think we could have found a more perfect dress.

That was such a great moment when one of the resident farm cats decided to wander up during the ceremony and check things out :)

Wedding on the Farm

The ceremony took place up in the field, under the same wise old oak tree that yours truly spoke her vows beneath. Though the weather was a bit drizzly early on and looking like it might even rain, as if summoned by all the love in the air, the sun broke through the clouds just as the ceremony was getting underway and it turned out to be a gorgeous day.

As for the ceremony itself, it was a lovely series of truly special moments. The joining of two people quite obviously brimming with love for one another… so wonderful to be a part of.

Wedding on the Farm

Geoff’s son and daughter-in-law performed the song for their fist dance. There's a little video I took at the end of the post. It was soooo sweet, 70 years old and just beaming away at each other like a couple of kids :)

Wedding on the Farm

Speaking of kids, the cake table was a popular hang out spot with the little ones.

Wedding on the Farm

I love this picture that Chiara took of Clover.

Wedding on the Farm

My brother-in-law Tim’s 40’s/50’s swing/blues band played. That’s him on stand-up base. They also played at our wedding, back when they were a brand new band. Our tiny dancer danced her little heart out with auntie Zoe.

Wedding on the Farm

Wedding on the Farm

Most of the photos in this post were taken by Val, and some by Chiara too, with cameras much nicer than mine, but this last one I took as the moon was rising over the farm and the party was winding down. I’ll leave you with that little video I mentioned before :

Aw... :)


Anna said...

What a beautiful event! I love how all of the dresses have history and family stories that go along with them. If I could get married again, I would do it on a farm!

Modesty is Pretty said...

Beautiful pictures and the bride gorgeous, you look beautiful too, your dress was perfect for the event and of course the beautiful Clover, impecable. =D

Teenysparkles said...

Heartstoppingly beautiful. So, so very pretty. What a lovely wedding. And you were spot on about Oosa's dress!!!! I hope you managed to enjoy yourself even though you were sick.

Courtney said...

This wedding looks like a dream! I am dying over Chiara's dress, it is just breathtaking. What a happy celebration, at such a gorgeous location. It's such a treat to see these photos!

moonshinejunkyard said...

WOW! thank you so much for posting this. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! if my mom ever remarries i am taking her to that same shop to find a dress...nothing could be more beautiful than oosa in that dress. and the love those two share is inspiring to witness. their dance was adorable. weddings are the best, i am sad i didn't get to go to any this summer.

i love how all your stories, places, clothes, memories travel through your family and community. it creates such a wondrous sense of love and history and place together. beautiful. i want to have a farm like this someday where everyone i know goes to school and gets married and plays music.

Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

Sounds like a magical time. Man oh man, that's my kinda wedding, my dream wedding in fact : )
Clover did a great job :)
How adorable as always!
And oh my goodness what an enchanting dress your mother in law found!
Just lovely :) I wish them both all the joy in the world :D

Milla said...

Awww indeed. The amount of beautiful ladies in this post is staggering. I love that your sister's dress matches your sister-in-laws. How very. Thanks for posting all this happiness for us to join in and many merry blessings to the happy couple.

Zohar said...

Oh Missa you look so lovely in that dress! It's a great shade of blue for you. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding and I just adore that dress Chiara's wearing :)

Franca said...

Such an amazing location and the bride looked beautiful! as did you!

grunt03 said...

thank you for posting this, missa

beautiful bride,

beautiful family,

beautiful setting,

beautiful music,

beautiful memories,


Andrea said...

I love the dress your sister gave you and the bride looks amazing in vintage too! Great to see the follow up post to the wedding dress shopping one :)

Sal said...

Oh my goodness. Oosa could not possibly be a more radiant bride!

Anonymous said...

so romantic and wonderful.

Nicky said...

Your dress is SO lovely! Your sister sounds very sweet- and congrats to her and her wedding! That cake shot is amazing (what a beautiful cake!)

Justice Pirate said...

this looks so very sweet!!! loved your dress too!

Karen said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding!!! I love your dress and hers!!


anne said...

what a gorgeous wedding!
your mother in law looks most beautiful in that oh so perfect dress! it is always so inspiring to see such love in the eyes of newlyweds or anyone for that matter.

the dress you wore is awesome. what a sweet sis you have. all you gals just looked stunning.

thanks for sharing their special day with us.

Food, flora and felines said...

ow soooo many pretty dresses, yours, Oosa's, your nieces and Clovers were all amazing! That portrait of Oosa in front of the mural is incredible, I'm even considering doing a print of it for my wall it's so lovely. I love the one of her smiling at the cat walking up durin the ceremony too!

Manja said...

How beautiful!!! I love the dancing pictures, you can really see how much they are in love :)

sally said...

aw, the cat in the ceremony is the best! and so is oosa's dress! stunning! if i marry my honey and decide to get fancied-up i will have to go to that shop! i can't believe i'd never heard of it since it's where i grew up. this looks like such an idyllic, fab wedding!

Andrea said...

what a beautiful wedding day!!! your mother-in-law has some marvelous taste I must admit :) the location is also just majestic. i really quite adore that little bench with the early evening moon up high. Do you mind if I steal that for my desktop background Missa?

Lisa E said...

Touching, brimming with love.

muchlove said...

Oh, everyone looks wonderful!! What a gorgeous wedding day :)

Karima said...

what a lovely day - everyone looks so happy and beautiful!

Eyeliah said...

Oh my gosh the memories, and gosh you were sick for a while :(

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful wedding. i love the bride and the dancing video on the end. <3 love love!