Friday, February 17, 2012

Forty Trips Around the Sun


Birthday Attire :)

Shirt: thrifted
Dress: thrifted
Cardi: old f21
Tights: target
Moccs: Violet Folklore








My actual birthday was pretty mellow. Brunch with two of my sisters-in-law, a jaunt out to the coast with Lucas and Clover in hopes of whale watching off Bodega Head (no whales, but plenty of sunshine, huge crashing waves below, and a little grove of cypress trees to climb around in), then out for a nice dinner with my sweetie that night. Little did I know that was all just the calm before the storm, the perfect storm of perfect birthdays that is!

Perhaps you've already heard, but my 40th birthday turned out to be the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER and FULL OF SURPRISES! Once I get a chance to go through my pics (of which there are MANY), I'll tell you about it. Hopefully, you won't be too sick of hearing about it by then ;)


bonfire of my vanity said...

i love this outfit so much. i have been on a quest for an awesome chambray shirt since forever. so glad you had an amazing birthday! you deserve it! lots of love.

Anonymous said...

SO lovely! Can't wait to read about your birthday adventures from your eyes. :)


flaming hag folkwear said...

happy happy (belated) birthday! i am sorry i missed out on the lovely lost weekend, but i am thrilled to know you had such a good time.

p.s. that photo of clover is CLASSIC

moonshinejunkyard said...

looks like a damn nice way to start a birthday celebration. it just grew more and more lively. that ocean is killing my heart right now, i want to be there amongst the driftwood and cypress and sunlight. mmmmmmm, sweet ocean light, there's nothing like it.

i LOVE the design on that little dress you are wearing and it looks so cute with the tights. your eye for details is honed to perfection my dear!

yes yes yes!!! can't wait to see the post about your surprise from your perspective!

Sadhbh said...

Happy Belated Birthday! You look beautiful... and nowhere near 40! Can't wait to hear about all your adventures - I believe I've seen a sneak peek here and there around blogtopia;)

Andrea said...

Glad you had a wondeful birthday, fellow Aquarian!

Teeny said...

Haha, i've read about it everywhere but here it seems! Happy Birthday once again! I want to be there in those pics where you and your tiny twinlet are. It is with some glee that i know I will get to see it! Still cool enough for tights there! Our Summer feels like the day heat has just hotted up! Hot hot days and cool mornings and evenings now. Not long for Autumn though. Love that skirt Missa, and the tights and moccs.

his_girl_friday said...

Such gorgeous, scenic shots, and I love your look (and your lovely little girl)! Happy 40th!

Thrifted Treasure said...

Happy Birthday!!! How gorgeous of your hubbie to organise such a surprise for you, looks you had a fantastic time :-) You do not look anywhere near your age!!!

Lauren Knight said...

Ah, the skirt is perfect! Love your outfit & happy birthday! You do NOT look 40. Maybe 30...

Elisheva said...

Oh my Goodness gracious is about all I can say and a wee bit more. What an amazing birthday you had girl. And what love in pure loveliness you had all around you. I have had quite the perspective on it now from reading your blog sisters tellings. Surprises are the best!!!!!!
And life should be full of them, especially the big happy friendly kind: )

Belated Birthday wishes and blessings for your Forties, I would say you could not have gotten off to a better start.
xxxxx E

Unknown said...

i love that you commemorate your birthday in this way, before showing pics of the big mark it in a slow, solitary, gentle way. and you are truly glowing in these pics.

is clover being a ferocious beast in the pic of her? it looks like she's showing fangs and claws. ;)

it was such a treat to meet you, and i look forward to getting to know you better IRL. as far as social angst goes, i will offer that you are safe with me, especially because i totally "get it". we can be shy with each other, and i will trust in our friendship growing in whatever way suits it best. :)

thank you for sharing how clover dressed up like "baby fern"! that is so endearing. i wonder how she would feel if someone dressed up like her? maybe next time i see her (and you!) fern and i could put together a clover outfit and then let her know, "we just thought it would be so interesting to be YOU."

i think the miner's lettuce could transplant ok. it's pretty sensitive, but then i imagine you know how to treat such things. i would just make sure it's in a semi-shadey spot, and to give it lots of moisture. also, i have seeds i saved from last year...i will bring some to the w. elephant sale. xoxo (p.s. it's mary....blogger is being crappy)

Andrea said...

it was so fun to read and see! How sweet is Lucas by the way? Glad to hear that it was a special one :)

Milla said...

Good old possessed Clover! This birthday just goes on and on doesn't it, little did you know. Is it still happening out there? Are you in an eternal party loop, or just watching downtown abby? What? That's how its spelled. Anyway, I'm glad you had a nice peaceful time before the mayhem and I gotta say you make being 40 look easy and graceful.
Love you as always. Thank you again for having me be a part of the fun. Give Lucas a hug, nah, some hard time, for me ;)

Nicky said...

You look stunning in these photos! Casual, yet so fashionable- love it! I had such a fun time taking that trek up to meet you and the other gals too! What a rad group of friends you have and that yard of yours with the succulents in the rocks and veggies... and fresh eggs... and.... I loved it! Can't wait for the next one :D

Ginela Gonzalez said...

Missa! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Man you sure looked lovely for it! Little Clover looks awesome too. Man there's ought to be fairies hiding off that Bodega Head, that looks like like such a splendid place to visit on a birthday! I wish I could of made you some yummy cupcakes or sang you a song on Skype or something! Perhaps I won't miss your next birthday :)

Congrats and I bid you plenty more years of greatness and wisdom!



Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I'm really late but Hope you had a great birthday! love the boots. My sister-in-law has ones just like them.

Teeny said...

Hey Missa, just a quick note to say I haven't forgotten about our swap! Mine is a little late, I want to be happy with it before I send it is all. Look forward to popping it in the post someday soon. xx

Nichole said...

beautiful beautiful. love the tights!