Monday, March 5, 2012

A Sunny Saturday Outfit


Vintage dress: gift from Milla <3
Forest green tights: thrifted
Boots: flea market
Green shell necklace: also from Milla
Leather and wood bead bracelet: flea market
Carved bone feather necklace: Nicole, Flaminghag Folkwear <3







This weekend was gorgeous. The onset of spring is in the air, the land awash in sunshine and blossoms. The trees have been blooming their great big hearts out!

The dress I wore on Saturday arrived the day after my birthday in a very special "decoy" birthday package from Milla. As you can see, her package bloomed it's great big heart out as well...


As I opened her package, bursting with floral goodness, I wished I could give my dear Millakins a big ol' hug in person. Little did i know that the very next day I would be doing just that!!! But more on that to come. I know, you were probably expecting that post weeks ago. It is coming, I promise! You know how I am...


Hey look, it's Clover and Fern (or "Ferny" as Clover has taken to calling her) rocking out in the furniture section at the White Elephant Sale in Oakland. Yes, Clover and I trekked on down to meet up with our new friends Mary and her adorable elfchild, Fern, for what could best be described as a rummage sale of COLOSSAL proportions.

You may recall Nicole posting about her experience at the preview sale last month, and it was every bit as overwhelming as she described. Now try it with wee ones in tow, and what do you get?


Well, from me anyway, you get exactly two pics from the entire afternoon, ha! Mary managed a few more in her post here, but sadly no pictures of the two of us, which is a shame because she was looking super cute in her vestlet, boots, and pink candystriped skirt.

I think next time we'll choose something a bit more laid back to do with the girls. Though I must say, they both did surprisingly well considering! And yes Mary, if you make the trip up here, I will most definitely rock those crazy 70's plaid pants I scored ;)


Not wanting to let a perfectly good outfit go undocumented, I took advantage of the remaining daylight when we got home for a little photo shoot in the backyard. Thank you Mary for spotting this adorable Peter Rabbit print dress at the sale, Clover had to put it on right away!


moonshinejunkyard said...

what a treat to all be together at such a sale! i was wondering who would make it to that after nicole mentioned it....and now i'm dying to see your plaid pants :) how cute those two little towheads are together!

you are glowing spring goodness in your milla dress and i see so many sprightly goodies in there that i hope show up later on. a box of pure floral deliciousness!

Thrifted Treasure said...

Your little girl just keeps on getting cuter and cuter! So lovely that you've made such wonderful friends through your blog :-)

Teeny said...

That is such an exciting looking package! And you look beautiful in the dress with the green tights and boots and FHF necklace too. You are looking radiant my friend! What's your secret? Cute kiddliwinks you have there too, it's a sweet thing that the blogger-friends babies can be little friends too.

anne said...

that dress is awesome! the 4th picture from the top is beautiful! you should frame it. seriously.

milla's package looks super duper amazing!

it's good to hear from you! it had been a while since your last post. too long :D

Milla said...

you squeezed into it! and you look so good. and what about Clover? I want a Peter Rabbit dress. Now please? These are the cutest shots and it's so nice to see you girls again. Where's Lucas tho?

Mrs. Habit said...

Love the cut on that dress, it's one of my favorites. And again, how cute is Clover in her fairytale fashion kicks?! She is the sweetest.

Lovely outfit post - still looking forward to your own take on the big bday bash. However long it takes ;)


mmgood said...

i'm so happy to see this post, just so's i can see you in that dress again. you are a show stopper. i LOVE dresses like this one...i call the print 'tea cups' for the flowers. i'm glad i got to see your jewelry up close too...both those necklaces are ace. i will give witness for anyone reading this blog that you are just as stunning, if not more so, in real life. :)

and how wonderful that the dress fits clover so perfectly! she is a storybook dream. i'm so glad for the opportunity to get overwhelmed with you at that gigantic mess of a rummage sale, and look forward to future dates of finding treasures for each other. xo

Crystal Lee said...

I love how you paired that sweet dress with the roughed up boots. I need a pair of brown scuffed up motorcycle boots. a wardrobe staple, to be sure. I like the soft & hazy light in your photos too.

Violet Folklore said...

Oh my goodness, both of your dresses are amazing! I've got to look into that sale next year. For now I'm gonna head over to Mary's blog and check out her perspective!

Alexa said...

Oh my, that Peter Rabbit dress is just BEYOND.

his_girl_friday said...

Belated happy birthday! You look gorgeous (as always) in this post.

Nickie Frye said...

I haven't been to that sale in years! I totally forgot about it until someone mentioned it out at the Alameda Antiques Faire on Sunday. Alas, it was too late. My booth was set up & we don't break down till 3:00. Maybe next year!

flaming hag folkwear said...

you and little miss c look lovely, as always! i am so happy that you still enjoy your necklace :)


Nicky said...

Loving your floral Milla package and you are adorable in this outfit. Nice job pulling off the green tights! I always feel like wearing colored tights is so tricky, till I see someone doing it effortlessly, like you :D Clover is crazy cute in her new lil dress too! Happy Thursday Missa!